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Delegación de Vigo del Colexio de Arquitectos de Galicia

 Since you will know already many, last week we were talking in the Laboratorio de Ideas del COAG in the Colexio Oficial de Arquitectos de Galicia headquarters in Vigo.

The labor of documentation that the collaborators of the Laboratory have been and realize is extensísima and very organized, so I am not going to fall down in doing a chronicle that you use to avoid seeing the videoes of the tables of debate. It is worth it that you all see them. Without exception.

What if I go away to stopping is in extracting certain conclusions (personnels but if not transferable if communicable) from what it happened and it was said in two days of intense work. If I do not mention names it is not alone because the intensity clouds the memory, if not because I believe that it has been a teamwork, and here I contradict myself in my distaste for the professional groups. The laboratory, the presence and action of all gave very much proved. I tell you:

We are doing act of contricción.

Such which. We assume that, as profession, we have put the leg and good up to the bottom. We have been working, as mules some and others as bulldozers, but working. Because there was work. The fact that before an opportunity to develop a project of we say … housings (and complete here with any number that happens to you) he had said that not for 5 years should throw the first stone.

None? Well, let’s continue.

The act of contricción we are doing it especially the just persons.

The sinners were not in the laboratory of ideas. Those who throw honorarium for the soils. Those who have refilled the previous hollow with a major or equal number to 200, which still, for accumulation of surpluses, continue breathing. They do not repent of anything and only they are hoping that everything turns to be like before.

The society does not find out what we do, and is an our fault.

We have been a lot of time occupied working and like, thankfully, there had much, we have forgotten that we serve the persons, not neither to the market nor to the discipline, and that to these persons is to that we have the obligation to produce accounts, and especially, of doing it of clear and understandable form.

A companion of the laboratory, and you allow me that obvie his name for respect, he was saying to myself, with the red eyes, that his mother had died without she had been capable of making him understand his work. The sadness of his voice still me sobrecoge.

The architecture is a profession of future.

We work with what can be, in future, in something that still does not exist. It is undeniable that the future we construct and have to be there. If besides we add everything what has to come, we will understand that we can work of so many things since let’s let’s want, that we are qualified for much, enclosedly for what still is not invented.

The architecture, as profession and / or formation, is elastic.

The profession stretches, including infinity of branches, niches, specialities, versatilities … The architecture is one of the most complex professional activities. If we exercise it of form holística well, if we exercise it fragmenting it and appropriating of a concrete, equal speciality of good or even better.

The city belongs to the persons and if we are to serve them, the city is our responsibility.

The production and reflection on the city and the territory has given up in hands of other disciplines. The work on these alive organisms so tremendously complex tecnificados needs us, if the persons will meet squashed by other interests. Let’s return to the production of city and territory.

We must construct a persons’ net.

We have the opportunity and the means of constructing a persons’ net, a Net that of safety, which continues allowing us to be we but to feel the support of the profession, of the companions. Una Red who allows us to act of stronger and wide form, increasing the impact of our work. Una Red who thanks to the technology, but from the persons, uses as human fabric.

A  professional rush.

To be able to take part in the Laboratory of Ideas of the COAG has supposed an injection of professional positivism for that I wait be able absorb seeing all the work that was generated. The consensus was very high. Even in the discrepant voices we were thinking, in the debate, that there was agreement in bottom and ideas, and that probably only there were differences, shades, in the forms.

What I still had clear, is that we can and must go out of this one, with generosity, with conviction, with gun-sights of and to the future. With architecture and especially, with persons.

One of the auxiliary ones of the flight that took Vigo to us, after the whole string of safety and advertising promotion, finished with a phrase that for my synthesizes perfectly the necessary attitude in this moment.

And now, to flying!

Miguel Villegas, architect

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