IV Foro arquia/próxima 2014 in Granada

The Forum IV NEAR ARQUIA turns Granada into the major point of meeting of young architects of our country. Next Thursday, the 23rd of October, there will be celebrated in the Audience Manuel of Fault of Granada, the Forum IV Arquia Próxima, a meeting that has been consolidated as the event of reference to young architects of our country. The forum, which is celebrated every two years, has as aim support the professionals in the first ten years of exercise and has turned into a fundamental appointment to promote the reflection and exchange for this group.

The juror composed by Eve Franch, commissioner general, Emilio Tuñón, Toni Gironés, Izaskun Chinchilla, Luis Úrculo, and Andrés Jaque will be the manager of selecting the winner of the contest. In the event also four additional prizes will be granted in the categories “New Work / I project”, “Interior Design and Rehabilitation”, “Culture /Investigation /Formation “, and “City and Territory”.

Inside the program of activities, Friday, the 24th, in the morning, there will be realized an architectural visit guided by the city of Granada by explanations of the architects authors of the visited works, between which stands out Carmen de la Fundación Rodriguez Acosta, the Audience Manuel of Fault, Building Box of Granada, Park of the Sciences and the exterior spaces of the Alhambra.

The event will be able to be followed live for streaming from: facebook.com

On the other hand the hashtag used in Twitter for his follow-up will be #ArquiaForo

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