The modern architecture in Latin America

La arquitectura moderna en Latinoamérica. Antología de autores, obras y textos
The modern architecture in Latin America. Authors’ anthology, works and texts

This book turns on the modern architecture that was constructed in Latin America between the decades of 1930 and 1970, and on the thought that sustained her. For it a tour offers for 18 indisputable figures of the architectural Latin-American panorama, which in addition share the narrow relation that they established between his work and his ideology.

It is a question, so, of a ‘ authors’ anthology ‘. From the Mexican Juan O’Gorman to the Chilean Alberto Cruz, the selection includes to already ‘ classic modern ‘: Lúcio Costa, Oscar Niemeyer, Carlos Raúl Villanueva and Luis Barragán. But these appeared in a much more extensive panorama, in which you appear as Antonio Bonet, Emilio Duhart, Eladio Dieste, Mario Roberto Álvarez, Félix Candela, Héctor Velarde, Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, Lina Bo Bardi or Clorindo Testa paid the field to the last generations. And these would develop his work on modern bases, though already in a much more personal key, with prominent figures like Ricardo Porro, Claudio Caveri and Rogelio Salmona.

It is a question, in addition, of a ‘anthology of works’. Between every architect there has been chosen a building that uses as plot line to expose the intentions and the thoughts of his author.

And it is a question, finally, of a ‘anthology of texts’. Of the architects there are included fundamental fragments, articles or chapters of the books – even unpublished some-, or transcriptions of interviews and conferences. And in addition, every original text is preceded of a comment elaborated by a critic expert in the Latin-American panorama, who will help itself the reader to submerge in the thought of every architect.

Prefaced by Ramon Gutiérrez, the book offers a vision coral of the vicissitudes and the interests that stimulated to this set of architects, rather unlike and distant physics and intellectually, to looking for an architecture own and adapted to his time.

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