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The pedagogic project of the School Súnion is founded on three principal concepts: the sense of the respect, the capacity of auto-concentration and the constitution of a community. These three concepts have been applied spatially in the reform and extension of the School Súnion to form this way responsible and sensitive citizens. These three premises are translated on the one hand in a visual connection between the different built-up volumes and for other one in a maximum transparency between the different working spaces, be classrooms, seminars or offices. It is a transparent school, in contraposition to the closed and opaque school of the original building.


An operative beginning of corridor – cupboard organizes the space of traffic. In every plant and giving front to the street, they have arranged a few boxes of wood for the informal exchange between pupils. This motive idea of the project, active traffics and areas of exchange constitute the vertebral column of a dynamic and wealth-producing offer of the set, favoring spaces of fret spread by the whole center. Parallel, the will to provide to every plant of specific points of interrelationship and exchange of information between pupils and teachers, generates a distribution for plant about a central compact core composed by rooms of seminars and offices.

The school in his set gravitates concerning the forum, a hybrid and polyvalent space, where they can assemble entire courses to give a chat, to realize activities of group (tests of theatre, singing, etc.) or to formalize the relation between parents, pupils and teachers. The cover of this forum is an exterior square provided with plants, banks and lucernarios that like furniture form spaces annotated for the meeting of different groups of pupils in the hours of rest. In the second plant, playing with the volumetry of the building, an exterior terrace has been designed, with a great porch lengthways, in order that the pupils could have breakfast also or relax, while they sunbathe, reinforcing this way an experience of use of the agreeable building, opened and common.

All the new closings are detachable, integrating this way the concept of the vector time in the architecture, and allowing that the space could adapt to the future evolutions of the school. This dynamic logic is translated in day after day in that the classrooms are not assigned to courses or specific subjects, which forces that the pupil should construct his agenda every week. Hereby the space is lived of intense and spatially different form.

In the classrooms to street, as the box before mentioned, one has arranged a box for classroom that works as space extra, in some cases as space of store, others as dais and others to have a table and chairs in case of need of a special attention to more limited groups.

These boxes form a part of one of the principal elements of the front that they organize and characterize her. Another element is composed by a few muds that work as solar passive protection so that they stop to spend the sights but protect from the Sun of this. These muds are ended from dark gray color to a face and of white color of another face, so that depending if the vision of the building is lowering or raising the street, the building changes color.

The access to the school has been thought as an extensive space of the sidewalk, so that in the hours of entry and exit, the pupil does not obstruct the pedestrian traffic of the street. This space, which works as a private informed space, while extension of the public space, it develops to double height accentuating the ritual of access to the school and providing it with an urban scale.

In short, the Súnion School works like one educational ágora and the project put from the first moment to the service of a pedagogic and educational model of the first level.

Work: Súnion School
Location: Av/ de la República Argentina, 85, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Client: Private
Autores: Arquitectos – ARCHIKUBIK (Carmen Santana, Marc Chalamanch, Miquel Lacasta)
All superfice: 6.140,00m2
Surface of Reform: 4.502,00m2
Surface of Extension: 1.638,00m2.
Total cost acts: 5.731.466,00 €. Ratio: 933€/m2
Year: 2016
Photography: Adria Goula
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