Arquitectura Ibérica

Iberian architecture is a program destined to promote the relation between Spain and Portugal in the field of the new architecture. The relation between both countries in a moment of change and strong approximation since it is the present, cannot remain to the margin of the proximity that exists between the young architects of both countries. Topics and realities, facts and myths, interlace for centuries in the relation Portugal and Spain. To go out of the enclaustramiento to extend it and to check it will go years and will demand multiple reflections. He proposes from here advancing in the reflection in the area of the architecture.

If throughout years, meetings and misunderstandings were the dominant notes, at present the convergence is and it will have to be the trend that will prevail to obtain a wealth-producing Iberian culture.

Spain and Portugal are respectively two of the big architectural powers of Europe. A strong tradition that grants a control to the architect on his work, a series of indisputable figures, schools of architecture got involved in the formation of a type of architect near the reality, the tireless one – and prestigiosísima – publishing activity, shapes a scene that grants us the safety of which the Iberian architects occupy a place in the map of the world architecture.

Nevertheless, such a visible panorama conceals aspects on which it is necessary to work. There exists an architecture realized for the most part by young women that we might call “new” that remains secret after this curtain of big events and constructed realities. And likewise, these young architects, both Portuguese and Spanish, live through the mutual isolation repeating, in spite of his common interests, the traditional scheme of the disconnection and ignorance, when not mutual nonchalance.

Iberian architecture takes the indicators of desire as a support – cultural, economic, social, political – of eliminating the border.

Arquitectura Ibérica se propone como un programa estable de la Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad destinado a fomentar la relación entre España y Portugal en el campo de la arquitectura, estableciendo un dialogo entre las nuevas generaciones con las de sus maestros y profesores.

Iberian architecture proposes itself as a stable program of the Foundation Architecture and Company destined to promote the relation between Spain and Portugal in the field of the architecture, establishing a dialog between the new generations with those of his teachers and teachers.

Iberian architecture is a program that is divided in two parts: Workshop and Reunions. A dialog in a fenced period of time in which students (Workshop) and young architects (I) (Meet again) of Spain and Portugal they will coincide with the only frame. The proposed format is already a metaphor or materialization of the dialog and exchange of ideas that is claimed between both countries.


WORKSHOP: on July 02 to July 05 2012

REUNIONS: on July 05 and 06, 2012

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