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With the step of the año the profession and the labors of the architect it has gone changed and evolving, or for the opening of “new fields of action (even recovering lost some)” or because it has been gained in complexity both in the projects and in the regulations to developing and helping.

In the middle of all this jungle

“The one who has not needed to realize to consult technologies or administrative officers? To whom is it them in the habit of realizing?”

So fruit of this need, there arises asesorArq, a consultancy formed by a technical equipment multidisciplinary and taken root in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain), directed and coordinated by Susana Rodríguez Carballido, arquitecta with wide experience so much in the processes proyectual and executive of the building, since in the supervision and quality control of the technical documentation of projects, work and useful life of the building.

asesorArq is a platform of information and advice for professionals of the area of the architecture.

We offer services of support to the development of professional works linked to the area of the building: services of advice, of support and technical assistance in the production of reports and technical documentation, of supervision and quality control of project documentation and work and services of technical specialized formation.

We work resting both to particular professionals and to groups (professional colleges, associations, public administration, etc). For it we follow a rigorous method of work for project management that allows us to adapt the process to every case, to control every phase and to facilitate the information of his progress.”

From asesorArq offer information of interest and several services of support for the development of the exercise of the Architecture.

Ado delay we leave them with the interview!

Susana Rodríguez Carballido | asesorArq
Susana Rodríguez Carballido | asesorArq

How and why does it arise asesorArq?

It arose as a way of transmitting the things in that we are interested and in that we believe that are of interest for all those professionals that we devote ourselves to the area of the Architecture.

It was a way of having located, updated and classified all the information that we need to work. We think how we would like that they were telling it to us and this way we did it.

We are conscious that the technical and normative aspect of the architecture is very complex and think that we could help if we were transmitting it of clear and structured form.

What activities and services do you develop in asesorArq?

Besides the information of interest for the profession that we offer across the web of asesorArq, we offer personalized advice and services of support to the development of all kinds of works linked to the area of the building.

The current situation has supposed an important adjustment of personnel in the studies and, in occasions, we need a punctual support to be able to develop a certain work. In these cases, we give services of technical “made-to-measure” assistance.

Also we collaborate with the production of reports and technical specific documentation, forming a part of the equipment editor and assuming the part of corresponding responsibility. I am specially proud of the equipment of professionals who collaborate from asesorArq supporting other companions.

We are sure that the work with a multidisciplinary equipment enriches the final result and they we like it collaborate with other professionals: curious and effective, independently of his speciality.

In some cases, the given service limits itself to the quality control of the project documentation and work. This service consists of the supervision of the integrity and documentary coherence of professional works that turns out to be specially interesting in case of professional collaborations between several technical personnel.

On the other hand, when we detect some formative need, we elaborate and organize technical courses on regulation, procedures of processing, usefulness and any question that could ensue from interest.

Curso Identidad Digital de Stepienybarno para asesorArq en Santiago de Compostela
Stepienybarno’s Digital Identity Course for asesorArq in Santiago de Compostela

Had you some previous experience in this field?

Really, several of the collaborators of asesorArq are experienced previous managing information of professional interest in the area of the architecture.

Of practical form, already during the career I collaborated in a couple of studies in which I could put in practical some knowledge and, finally, “to tread on the work”. They were a few years of a lot of work but the aim was deserving it! Also it was a marvellous stage in which we coincide with exceptional persons with many aspects.

In when I obtained the title I had clear that I wanted to establish for my account. He continued collaborating with other companions and former teachers, but of independent form.

In 2006 the Architects’ College of Galicia summoned two contests almost simultaneously:

· One for the training department of the Commission of Technological Advice,

· And other one for the architects’ body specialists in the Technical Code of the Building.

I was selected first for the training department and, later, for that of technical advice, for what I could know the functioning of both departments. Though initially the position was for a couple of years, the relation was extended until middle of 2014!!!

During the following years I developed the labor of transmitting the normative changes by means of direct advice, the production of reports and tools to facilitate his application and the imparting of formative courses, besides the own tasks as architect of visa, of project supervision and advice to the Meeting of Government of the COAG.

It was a very intense epoch as for the exigency of the work, but the coordination and the teamwork were marvellous being able to develop numerous activities for which we get the recognition of the CSCAE in the Architects’ Congress of 2011.

Successive normative changes; as those of the Law Bus or those who established the voluntary visa for a lot of works; they allowed me to take part in the Project of Normalization of the Process of national Visa, being present at meetings of work and coordination in the Top Advice of Architects’ Colleges and developing, later, it departs from the works with a marvellous equipment of architects and IT in the College Architects of Galicia that gave place to the “Manual of Quality of the Architectural Project”.

Other one of the works that I developed inside this project was the “Guide of Draft of Technical Documentation of Professional Works” across which one was trying to facilitate to the architects the draft of the documentation of a clear and structured form. Across this work of investigation there were gathered all the legal references linked to every type of work, determining his exact nomenclature, description, documentary structure and minimal content.

Now, across asesorArq am still devoting myself to learn, to know up to the detail and to count it of practical form, from professional to professional.

Museo Peregrinaciones Santiago de Compostela. Arq. Manuel Gallego Jorreto
Peregrinations Museum, Santiago de Compostela. Architect. Manuel Gallego Jorreto

Did you meet many difficulties? Which were the most problematic?

The truth is that it was quite very natural. In the moment in which we decide to give visibility to the work that we were coming doing daily: the reading of technical innovations and his analysis, it was taking form rapidly.

We had to be formed in some questions as the digital communication and the management of new IT applications, but they are topics that we liked very much from the beginning, for what we took them with a lot of interest.

The luck, probably, was not to be conscious wherefrom we were getting, so we were absorbing first a thing and then other one, without knowing the great thing that we were lacking for learning (laughs).

The same thing with the costs: you start by using platforms and free tools until you are conscious of the difference of using another type of more professional tools. And with the collaborators … we like to learn the same thing of the best and it has a price.

After the crossed way, what impressions have you?

Do not be what to say … The time happens rapidly; it seems that we begin does nothing and already we go almost three years!

If we read the articles with which we begin we realize the evolution, but we had the structure very clear from the beginning.

It is gratifying to work directing the course, re-direccionando as it is evolved, trying to learn constant, without fear of committing mistakes…

Anecdotes: many! Individuals’ strange consultations and technical, new situations with companies of materials and the better thing, since in any process, the people that you are in the way.

And … do not stop surprising us the scope that some publications have!

Though most of the content is directed professionals of the national architecture, some articles penetrate borders and the feedback comes to us from the most unsuspected places.

With the article “…something moves in Galicia” many comments came to us from another side of the puddle!


Which are the services more defendants?

Today per today, given the technical complexity of the draft of the documentation they ask for help us for the development of very different types of works.

Though the services of support in professional works are more important economically, the services of advice as for regulation and processing are more numerous.

Across this service technical consultations are attended on the principal areas of the professional works of building: accessibility, architecture, rehabilitation, inspection, energy, facilities, etc.

We solve doubts on very changed questions as:

· What documentation is it necessary to present?

· What regulation is of application?

· Is it necessary to request municipal license?

· Is visa obligatory for a professional college?

· What steps is it necessary to follow?

· Where do I begin?

What does contribute you to work with and for other professionals?

We are conscious that the public to whom we go is more restricted that if we were going to a not professional public, but it is asesorArq: a picking platform and information to professionals.

It is a very demanding positioning so if we want to use as help, it is not sufficient in spite of raising the technical questions of general form, but it is necessary to enter depth analyzing how there reverberates each of the questions that we publish in the development of the work at the professional level.

It is true that this knowledge in depth forces us to be updated and to allow us to develop our better work every day, but it is an arduous task!

Do you arrange or complement this activity with other labors or in other fields?

“…Was it before the hen or the egg?”

The whole activity that we realize has to see, of one or another way, with our work in asesorArq. For example; across asesorArq organize and manage technical courses and, to individual title, as specialists in certain matters, also we give courses for other entities.

In my case; I am specialized in facilities of the buildings and urban and, in 2008 I was entitled like forming official of the INEGA (Instituto Enerxético de Galicia) as for Energy efficiency and Saving of energy, giving numerous courses on the topic, since then.

In this line, soon I will give for the Architects’ College of Galicia a few informative days on the last changes of the procedure of energetic certification in Galicia that, in turn, they will serve me to detect the most frequent doubts and to focus future articles in the web of asesorArq.

An example of ésto is the article that we publish immediately after the numerous consultations that we were receiving on the topic: Official Applications for CTE – I HAVE and Energy efficiency.


The architecture, it has opened many fronts of battle (LSP, Bologna, unemployment, labor precariousness, Spades, ETSAs, emigration, communication, etc), will not they be too much for the existing polarization inside the same one?

UF! All the questions to treat in an alone question!

Each of the things that you mention: the fight for the professional competitions that there will determine the Law of Professional Companies, the confluence of the plans of study of the university degree of architecture in Europe, the reason of existing the professional colleges, etc … they would give not already for a debate, but for one congress! (Jjjjjjj)

Really, we are in a critical moment for the profession for the change that all these questions imply … but other professions are not foreign to this revolution.

Today more that we must never assume the famous appointment

The only thing that remains constant is the change …

We must adapt what the company needs nowadays, not only the professionals but also the university, the professional colleges … The change is inevitable.

How does it see the future of the architecture? And that of the profession?

I trust in the future: in that of the Architecture and in that of the professionals who devote themselves to the area of the Architecture. We will evolve at the time that the technology does it and depending on the needs of the company in every moment …

Constant we see new ways of doing architecture: across the rehabilitation and recovery of former buildings conceived initially with another use, new offers of industrialized architecture; interventions in roofs that consuming the remaining built space of the building help to renew the facilities and the common services of the same one; architectural temporary spaces, … new formulae do not stop appearing.

For not speaking about the professionals’ presence of the architecture that every time is more frequent in new areas out of the study and the work.

Museo Peregrinaciones Santiago de Compostela. Arq. Manuel Gallego Jorreto
Peregrinations Museum, Santiago de Compostela. Architect Manuel Gallego Jorreto

What does think of the architects who undertake in news fields?

Some time ago that is getting blurred the closed line that was including what they were doing, not only the architects, but many of the traditional professions … those that today we know since traditional also were new when they arose. Always there have been entrepreneurs who were detecting new needs and were creating opportunities.

From my point of view the university qualifications is a way, not an end and sense makes neither put his limits nor annotate the fields that we can include, that are great.

Recently I have been in touch with several architects linked to the world of the “education on architecture for children and young women”… from very different points of view: of practical or theoretical form, designing modular games or even intervening in the architectural space of the school—look like to me a very interesting work and with a long-term very important and beneficial repercussion for the company!

To finish, what would him advise the current students and future professionals of architecture?

It is complicated because the perspective on having been “of another side” it changes very much.

I think that there are no recipes … Each one must live through this stage how he feels that it must do it. The circumstances, the place, the teachers or the companions can make change completely an experience or other one.

What it might say to them would cost for any other situation: that enjoy more that they could of the experience, which there relativize the bad moments, which put the area in the positive thing and which they share, that listen and that look at everything what they could…

Centro Nacional de Formación en Rehabilitación. Arq. Victor López Cotelo
National Center of Formation in Rehabilitation. Architect Victor Lopez Cotelo

Susana Rodríguez Carballido · Advice for professionals of the Architecture | asesorArq
December, 2016

Interview realized by Ana Barreiro Blanco and Alberto Alonso Oro. To be grateful for Susana and for his equipment his time and predisposition with this small space.

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