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Foto CC by Marja van Bochove
Photo CC by Marja van Bochove

Unintentionally wanting, our beloved Bea and Paco (political correctness by placing Beatriz in front) start their latest article for La Ciudad Vivawith a cultured reference, from those of ETSAM castiza, to an article from the ‘50s.

From that tightrope swing, in which few can maneuver, jump without quarreling to quote Argan, introducing in his investigative virtuosity a certain cross reference to the parametric that I prefer to ignore so as not to disturb with my tantrum what I consider really powerful of his text. Still in the air, they land in another of an author whose name I can not remember and with whom they finish building the foundation of the speech. I bring your link phrase to use as a pilot for mine.

In any case, all these analyzes do not represent but approximations to a complex reality that we try to understand from the acceptance of codes and labels that simplify it and make it comprehensible, at least for architects..

Beatriz Billanueva and Francisco Casas

The categorization of the two texts that they use as reference is so key to understanding modern thinking. It is pure epistemology. Classification closed, scheduled. Structure coherent with the fundamental function, as they well say, of making complexity encompassable. In modernity reality was batch.

If you were in one place, you could not be in another. If you are from here, you can not be from there. Either you are with us, or against us.

What happens in contemporaneity? What is different?

The change is basic and is still being assimilated.

The categories no longer make sense.

The thought becomes informational, the servers are no longer places, they are clouds. The texts are not texts, they are entries accumulated in databases. Time and space are simply GPS coordinates and a timestamp, in the informational equivalent and equipolentes..

We can be from here and there, we can be tall and short, ugly and handsome, fat and thin.

t is no longer O, now it is Y.

The categories are no longer closed boxes, they are simple labels that attach to reality to enrich it and make it complex, no longer encompassable. Now it’s about unfolding, not locking. Of weaving networks, not of covering.

The difficulty? The relational the next evolutionary step. When everything is equipolente, when everything is flat, when everything is equal, … it depends on us, and only of us, to relate those microparticles of information and make them knowledge, wisdom knowledge, and wisdom happiness.

It depends only on us. There is the power of information. It puts in our hands the ability to rearticulate reality to realize that Schumacker has part of reason, that the Casa del Chófer is a jewel whose few polka-dotted dress we have had the pleasure of seeing live, that the true ontology of the architecture is much less transcendent than we think…

Miguel Villegas, architect
Editor in arquitextónica
Sevilla, march 2014


On account of an excellent article by  bRijUNi arquitectos.

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