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Frank Gehry designed and remodelled in the year 1978 an old man bungaló of 2 floors and 60 years of antiquity in California, to adapt it as his familiar house. Gehry had approximately 40 years, one had got divorced from his first wife, and it has just started with his own study of architecture. It was living in a small apartment with his new wife, Berta, and his son, Alejandro. When Berta remained a pregnant woman of Sam, the Gehry decided that they needed a new housing.

“I said to Berta that it did not have time to find a new house. We liked Santa Monica. The real-estate agent found this bungaló of pink color in a corner, which in this moment, was the only house of two floors in the neighborhood. We might have lived what was. The part of above was the sufficiently big thing for our bedroom and a quarter for the baby. But a new kitchen was needed and the dining room was so small as a cupboard.”

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Contrary to the popular belief of which the design was random and planned during the march of the constructed works, the reform was totally planned and detailed in advance. Nevertheless, the material and formal impression that the house suggests in the first instance is that of a work still in construction, as if the house was without ending. The original house is reduced to his essential frame, great part of the interior walls they were eliminated. One was squeaking completely new, it wraps the fronts North-East and northwest of the original building.

The kitchen meets in this new band in the western part simple soil of asphalt, whereas the room of being is in the center of the original house now separated from the front, for the kitchen. A frame of crystal angulado, constructed with amounts of wood believe a great window on the kitchen, so that the light invades this one and in turn it comes up to the room of being. The strong Sun of California offers light more than sufficient to fill both rooms.

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The construction uses cheap, unpublished materials in the residential construction, if it is wanted unworthy for to live, but extracted of his context. This grants him to the building a mysterious and experimental condition.

“My house could construct no him in any place, but in California, owed one his climate, swindle could make to him a crystal the alone one. And I was experimenting they defraud materials those that are in use here. Neither it is a technology of expensive construction. I them decided to use paragraph to learn trade-, paragraph to try to quarrel how to use these materials, this force.”

In the whole construction the old thing and the new thing go away maclando, doing that in the final reading, is not simple you differentiate the different histories of every part of the house.

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Gehry has created a world in an existing house, which blurs totally the limits and the roles of the original plant. In the bottom it is a work that moves in the diffuse limits between the constructed and it of constructed. It has so much importance in the project, the erased and eliminated, it of formed as the added and constructed. If the conditions of the life change, it will be necessary to construct or to reconstruct and to reconstruct again if it is necessary.

“I did not have a lot of money to play. It could not give me the luxury of arranging everything, and I was trying to use the force of the original house, for what when the house finished, his royal value was that you did not know what was intentional and what was not. It was not possible to count. I took all these tracks, and in my opinion it is what did that the people were getting excited.”

Íñigo García Odiaga. architect
San Sebastián. juny 2014

Doctor Arquitecto y profesor asociado de Proyectos Arquitectónicos, ETSASS. Editor de NOMU. 1/5 del estudio de arquitectura VAUMM. Vivo en Donosti.

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