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Safety Bicycle de 1885
Safety Bicycle de 1885

Let’s fix us in the bicycle. This beautiful ma’quina. His result has managed to be so polished and exact that scarcely it has had to change in de’cadas. His slow development has not allowed another thing that the ambitious sofisticacio’n of his components.

One could not have modified the quality and quantity of his pieces, or systems of pieces. As good machine that is, to be, one could have taken him neither nor to add anything any more. We are before the assumed and only universe. So it is like that anyone can draw and distinguish a bicycle. It is known that it has to have and how it must be. It is unequivocal.

If we were proceeding to trastocar his system (geometric, material and dimensional), to altering significantly any of his pieces, simply we would achieve that it was stopping being a bicycle. Probably we would manage to obtain a cartoon or a monster, but not a bicycle.

His design, his plan, is never such that only can alter finely some of his shades, but his foundations. Because when one proceeds to live through a bicycle everything is and everything is clear. Is recognized without any effort his balance, his purpose and his potential. We might conclude nicely that already it us belongs.

Scarcely we realize the quantity of machines that manage to us to make a detour. They are great and manage to do and to re-do our world. Some of them, even, have been naturalized extraordinarily and have stopped being perceived as such.

But many of the objects, instruments and appliances that accompany us are, simply, machines. More or less efficient, more or less suitable, but definitively machines

But how a machine is done. Or better. What is what does that something could be understood as a machine. Because a body it is. A planet also. The complete cosmos. His characteristic singularity and property, his self-sufficiency, his perfect and harmonious combination of elements and systems achieve the useful thing and the beautiful thing. And even, sometimes, the sublime thing.

A desire. Our buildings should be wonderful machines also. What if not.

Do we give a return?

Sergio de Miguel, PhD architect
Madrid, octuber 2017
Published in educational Group and of investigation for the architecture Grupo 4! Of the ETSAM.

Sergio de Miguel García

Ph.D. Arquitectura, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, (ETSAM) 2016.
M.A. Arquitectura, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, (ETSAM) 1990.
Profesor en la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, (ETSAM) desde 1995.

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