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To god or to the devil? This it is the dilemma that us takes a fancy that there must suffer the companions who work under the method of project and work.

It should not be an object of dilemma. The architects we are professional and must have the sufficient labor ethics to be able to discern the good and evil, but there is so clear the line that separates them?

Thankfully (or unfortunately) still we have not met in this attitude, but he us takes a fancy difficultly, and more in a situation as the current one in which the bread of each one hangs of a thread and in which the order for project and work us takes a fancy more perverse than never.

What to do when the construction one asks for a qualit reduction you to enter price in spite of that you know that the project cannot support it? What to do when the property asks you to increase the requirements to the construction one but are they they those who pay your work and not the property?

In work we have the mission to direct and control the execution of the work, but in this perverse model, or pervertible, they are the musicians those who pay the salary of the conductor…

All that comes to story of the recent judicial failure, which still is not a firm judgment, that the COAS has reported to us, for that the Court of the Contentious – administrative of Seville nº2 has estimated the resource of the COAS annulling the Schedule of conditions Base of the Contest, the adjudication of the project contract and work and all the acts later to the above mentioned contracting, forcing EPSA to carried back to the moment of the draft of the bases

In the judgment we can read, in a reference to a previous judgment of the TSJA, in juridical language that remains more forceful, the problem of these contracts:

“… that of the potential risk of damage of the rigor and of the efficiency of the functions of direction when this one is awarded to the same businessman who has to be directed, supervised, controlled or monitored; risk that survives, aggravated even, when this businessman, beside executing the works, elaborated the project.”

I believe that we have clarified it, and we cannot stop praising the hard battle that the COAS is freeing with the public administrations, especially with the Meeting of Andalusia in order that the contests give us sufficient guarantees.

Another topic is the collateral hurt, which we do not have clear in this case but which undoubtedly can take place, on having forced the judgment to carry the process back to the initial condition of the same one.

We are speaking about a contest of 2006… If this project has followed his logical riverbeds, it should be already projected, constructed, directed and paid in justice the companions who have realized the works and who adjusted to a few rules of game, that though illegal according to the judgment, they were there. What does happen with them?

I return to say: the politics of the COAS is coomendable. The copper is beaten by a very big and powerful entity. But, and here I have to look at both corners of the ring, would not agreement be better for all? To lay the foundations once and for all?

I believe that he would avoid all these processes, costly and long, and all the collateral hurts that produce.

And, especially, it would help us to work better.

Miguel Villegas, architect

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