Trip to the center of the land

“In the 60s and 70s the HAPPENING it appears as a type of work where different senses and sensations are grouped, being frequent the use of the music, the tact, the theatre, the taste, etc., in order to look for the work of total art that unifies all the arts.”

This Friday, the 20th from 20 a.m. we have the great pleasure of inviting the first happening in BENITA.

Carlos Álvarez presents an installation lightning in that the photographies escape of the walls, music, coctails and appetizers for teletransportarse and to get lost for a moment in beyond.

Trip to the center of the land
Inauguration On June 20, to them 20:00
Room BENITA. Ángel Rebollo 88
A Coruña, Spain

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