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The aim of the project was to extend and to transform the building of Vilanova de Arousa’s STRAP. It was a question of a building formed by a ship of exhibition and sale and a small administrative attached building.

We have tried to take advantage of the opportunity of the extension of the space of sales, to provide to the Strap of new functions and the most contemporary and suitable image to what we understand that it is necessary to to be a semiindustrial building that forms the front of an urban core in a maritime edge.

Our offer consisted of the construction of a new cover that wraps both volumes of the existing building, it modifies radically his morphology and protagonist grants a paper to him and referential in Vilanova’s port space.

In this aspect they have special importance the different textures and the metallized finished ones that offer different perceptions according to the light and the distance.

For it there was constructed a structure of steel recovered from the original structure of laminated wood and a series of walls of reinforced concrete that helped to shape the new volume.

In the cover it was chosen for the utilization of sheet of embossed aluminium, with constant meetings according to system Kalzip. The material of the cover re-dresses also the gatherings north and south, in a solution of continuity that reinforces the definition of the principal volume.

For the coating of both minor volumes sheet used deployé of galvanized aluminium, that placed on the factories of the closing, integrates the new ones and the preexisting ones. In the configuration of the coating, the format of the sheets is specially important of deployé and the materialization and expressiveness of his meetings.

The interior spaces have been solved by means of the application of constant coatings so much in soil as wall, of white color, to give luminosity to the space as well as to offer all the protagonism to the product of the sea that is exposed before onlookers and buyers.

As for the use, it happens of being a purely functional building linked to the sale and auction of the shellfish of her laugh, to being one more equipment of the urban area, to which it is possible to accede and visit, know the works that there are realized as well as enjoy of a few fantastic conference of her laugh. This is possible thanks to a high gangplank of access to the public who crosses the interior of the ship and to a new terrace placed under this great cover.

Work: Reform and Extension of Vilanova de Arousa’s Strap

Location: Porto de Vilanova de Arousa

Authors: 2C ARQUITECTOS (Angel Cid and Silvia Diz)

Collaborators: Maite Gómez, Cristina Sánchez, Elisa Rodríguez, María Rodríguez, Carlos Perandones, architects. Samuel Fernández, technical architect. Jorge Cebreiro, calculation structures. GAIA Enxeñería, facilities. Marta Boga, draughtsman.

Dates: 2010/2012

Promoter: Portos de Galicia

Construction company: Civisglobal S.L.

Budget: 628.493,47€

Superface: 1.298 m2

Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages



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