Maravillas Gymnasium. The Adventure of knowing

The Headquarter of Heritage has declared the Maravillas gymnasium You astonish, of the architect Alejandro de la Sota, Good of Cultural Interest. Though it has turned into a center of peregrination for hundreds of architects of the whole world, the gymnasium of Madrid is little known by the citizens.

The protection of the building places in a project to spread the modern architecture. Alejandro de la Sota took advantage to the maximum of the space and turned a conventional order into a milestone. They asked for a gymnasium him and he gave to them the polysport one, a few classrooms, a few tracks outdoors and a basement that would turn later into a swimming pool.

Instead of using props, it used big reversed cerchas and in his hollows, hung on the gymnasium, put several classrooms with form of audience. The materials of construction were left by the first time at sight in an innovative gesture of coherence and austerity that influenced exceedingly later generations of architects.

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