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El arquitecto líquido
The liqued architect

Every time it is clearer that with only the competitions of the “classic architect”, in the times that run, we cannot come very far.

This way, to learn of marketing or Digital Identity turns into fundamental skills to increase our labor possibilities. To it it is necessary to add a third attitude that many are called the liquid talent. From there, it does not seem to be difficult to manage to define what would be the concept of liquid architect.

In this definition of the architect of the future it will be fundamental to see the paper that plays the attitude that we have before what us is happening.

To have certainties and to want that everything is under control, it is very legitimate, but, much we are afraid that they are too archaic concepts. A thing is what we would like and very different other one what the reality offers us.

Since good was teaching us the thinker of Polish origin, Zygmunt Bauman, are liquid times and to coexist with the uncertainty already it is not an option, is what there is necessary and has to be able to navigate in these uncertain waters.

The bad news is that the one who looks or needs safety, every time is going to have it more complicated; the good news is that, if we can be in the life as if we were rushes, the possibilities of all kinds, also labor, they can appear when less we wait for ourselves. In the flexibility the trick is.

It is a question of being very attentive to here and now. To live through the present as if it was a “present”; it is to say, a gift.

Continuing with Bauman:.

Siguiendo con Bauman:

“(…) All more freedom let’s have less safety, and all more safety less freedom. In the company, the conquest of freedoms takes us to a great quantity of risks and uncertainties, and to wishing the safety. (…) we Are scared by the fragility and the hesitation of our social situation, live in the uncertainty and in the distrust in our politicians and institutions. To study a career already corresponds in spite of acquiring a few skills that will be estimated by the company, is not an effort that is translated in fruits. All this precariousness expresses in problems of identity, as whom I am I, what will happen with my future.” 1

Light of baggage.

When teaches to play to the chess our son, Bruno, one of the rules that more has been called him the attention is that when a laborer (the piece with fewer value of the board – an alone point-), it comes to last cabin, turns into lady and, into consequence, into the strongest piece of the board.

The chess is, in general, a game – art linked enough to the own life, but with this so curious norm it summarizes very well, metaphorically speaking, which happens in the world of the undertaking current.

But taking the reflection to our area, we see that to have a study of architecture to the former usage is the more competitive thing that we can do. The heavier be our movements, in spite of the apparent power of the same ones, the slower we will be and, in consequence, fewer capacity of adjustment we will have. To be like these laborers of the chess who know that, at any one time, they can turn into lady, it is a good plan.

El arquitecto líquido Stepienybarno 02

The new times that we have to live go of producing synergies and not only of adding forces. The synergy is not arithmetical; the synergy multiplies and this way we will be able to have more options of a full life.

From there it is possible to see the world with another optics and, as good says the Taoist philosophy Wu Wei, to be able to do the things without apparent effort.

Be enough already for so much effort! Of pledging in being what we us are; of fulfilling the dreams of others … As soon as possible let’s be in our natural condition, before we will have the possibility of doing something that, really, gives us well, be useful to the mundo and, in addition, let’s be able do it without too much sacrifice.

Every time we have clearer than what it touches is to bet for the Lean methodology that, according to the expert in marketing, Vânia Magalhães, comes to be:

“(…) The aim of the Lean manufacturing philosophy is to add value to the deliverable one of the client of the as efficient as possible form. It is based in beginning that try to reduce the wastes (dead times, unnecessary tasks, etc.), they chase the constant improvement, and use the learning as mechanism to make the processes more efficient. Rescuing the law of Pareto, 20 % of the characteristics of a product (the minimal viable product) it will deliver probably 80 % of the benefits claimed by the client.” 2

It is to say that, if we expect to have the product or perfect service, always we will be late and, for when we come, others already will have advanced very much area. It yes, if we pass and go out to scene to the brave ones, the bump, also, be insured!

It is a question of having the sufficient waist to be able redireccionar our way, of being rapid at the moment of rectifying and, especially, of to being stubborn. To have the sufficient humility to admit that, sometimes, our ideas are not the best. To reduce little pride to our actions, it can make us pivotar and choose another way that before we had not imagined.

With all this, we do not want to say that it is easy to undertake or to mount a project. In fact, it it is not, so, four of every five companies that are mounted at the age of five they have disappeared. So, having this very clear it is important, in case really let’s let’s want and let’s be able make it, learn the necessary thing to be able to be in this twenty per cent of success.

The reality is that, it has never been so easy to share information, to generate it and to be able to make her visible; the network plays a determinant paper that only ten years ago we could imagine. For very big that is the crisis in our sector, is important to focus us in the opportunities and not to be still complaining about our misfortunes. If we are in the darkness, we will generate more darkness; nevertheless, if we are in the light, sooner or later, everything will be illuminated. Does this mean that where there is a will, there is a way? Not; but yes that if we want, we have more options. In any case, it will have to be one to “want” that it goes of the hand of “believing”.

What we believe, let’s believe and our mind, normally, needs to visualize the way before crossing it. Since good they take charge reminding the neurocientifics, our brain, in a beginning, it does not distinguish the imagined through what we live physically; in both cases, the same areas are ignited neuronales. Therefore, to practise the creative visualization always is nice and in addition much is not far from what we do the architects when we project. Therefore, we go to it, not?

Talents and liquid miens.

Up to not many years ago, our publishing architectural world was I command practically in sole right for a few publications. This hegemony was doing that very few magazines could survive his side; even without the arrival of the crisis, they were very small those who did shade to them. Curiously, a today, there are great the digital publications that are doing a hollow to him in the publishing panorama of the architects and the own world of the blogs has much that to say. Every day is more habitual than those that they were faithful to the AV, think that, for example, Plataforma de Arquitectura, without any cost, could give them a similar service.

Everything begins but that one of the most important prizes of the last arquia/próxima has relapsed into a blog, the blog of Paisaje Transversal, opens a way more than encouraging. Anyone does not treat itself about a prize, but about one of the most important prizes about our environment organized by Foundation Arquia, and with the presence of a juror of maximum confidence.

But, not only the blogs of architecture give new opportunities, the own social networks, at any one time, give more than one happiness. Though the ideal thing is to have a complete and powerful presence in the network, there begin to be famous cases of success in which to focus in an alone social network also gives good results. In this respect, stands out Ángel Luis Tendero‘s presence and his more than one million followers in facebook or Nicanor García (more than 700.000 followers) in Instagram.

In turn, this liquid architect about whom we speak, often can sail to the perfection in the periphery of the architecture. If you do not know still the profile of instagram of Daniel Rueda, we encourage you to have a look. There you will be able to verify how a companion can do much more than architecture; it yes using to come across the creativity (one of the principal strengths of the architects)! Of this form, a young well architect and his companion are doing to him a hollow that had been impossible when they began the career. The new opportunities are appearing on the march and this change is hastening. Even much does not, the world was evolving in a relatively slow way; today it goes very rapidly and what is more important, every time the changes are going to be more explosive, fast and surprising. 

For it, it is not a question of knowing the way to crossing; at least to have very clearly to where coming. This goes of being able to take the suitable direction and be advancing (method kaizen); in case of being wrong of direction, the sufficient thing goes light in order that it does not find it hard to us to look for a new course. Since it is in the habit of saying in the world of the emprendimiento: if you are going to fail, it fails rapidly and cheaply.

Actually all that is very similar to leading a car. To nobody it happens to want to have clear everything what it is necessary to do from the moment in which you mount yourself even you come to your destination. Not at least when we know well the way, we can relax; it has to go always dependent on what happens. To be in one here and now I continue and, especially, to be able to adapt to the concrete situation.

In our opinion, in these new labor times it is one of the metaphors that better comes to the case.

What is clear is that, if we are too big we will not be able to flow with what is coming and as good Néstor Guerra, saying,

“(…) The new competitive advantages are the agility and the adaptability. The business in the new digital age are not based so much in making a good plan but in validated learning, in the scientific experimentation and iteration with the clients.” 3

We believe that that one of which the size does not matter, is a lie; every time it is important more if, for the common one of the mortal ones, the size is small, manageable and moderate. Also it is true that, if we are too small, a type the solitary plainsman, we will be able to do not even the basic thing to be able to survive.

Because of it, the architects who are capable of associating in an intermittent way to realize concrete projects, in which each of them could give the better thing of yes, will be those who will have competitive advantage. If one is a star player with 3D, so that focalice especially in it and if other one knows everything of the C.T.E (yes, thankfully! There are people for everything!! Jajaj), so that does not relax too much doing another thing. To have clearly at what we are specially good, it is not so easy as it seems; it is necessary to have conscience of which it is our natural gift and then have invested in this talent 10.000 regulation hours.

Deepak Chopra in his advisable book “7 spiritual laws of the success”, speaks to us about the importance of having clear which is our “intention of life”. It is a question of being able to do that one to him for what we have come to this world. Each of us has several gifts and many strengths that in occasions it knows or forgets and, therefore, it cannot bring into play.

It is important to stop in dry to be able to identify these aspects of our life and, from there, to be able to throw with an activity or product that really has a vocation of service.

This way, it will be fundamental know which are our values or virtues. From there, we will be able to bring into play all our potential. Continuing with Chopra:

“(…) It is the service to the humanity, to serve other human beings and to wonder: “how can I help all the persons with whom I have contact?”

When we combine the aptitude to express our only talent with the service to the humanity, we use fullly the Law of the Dharma.

(…) In spite of only changing the internal dialog and not to ask “what do I gain with it?” But “how can I help?”, automatically we go beyond the ego to enter the field of the spirit.” 4

Since we see, it is not also so important to prepare and to prepare ourselves in hundreds of aspects, to be the bomb and when we are a few star players at the time to go out to scene. This so ambitious attitude and perfectionist is very slow and today it is more important to know the sufficient thing of almost quite and very much of something very concrete.

El arquitecto líquido Stepienybarno 03
The liquid architect

As architects, it is important that we put the creativity for flag and that the world feels that our presence is necessary.

In this respect, we think that as group we can contribute this creativity far beyond of the own architecture and take her to the world of the company or of the I+D+I. A good example of it is the pair of architects, Pau Sarquella and Diana Usón, that they entered the world of the patents and were capable of giving him a return of nut to a very traditional element since it is a blind.

In turn, it is necessary to bring to the first plane, again, the whole series of very young architects (Zuloark, n´UNDO, Basurama, TxP, Zaramari, Paisaje Transversal, La Col …) that, thanks to an explosive mixture of mien and talent, have could, from a collaborative attitude, open new routes for the architects’ profession.

Professionals who bet for facilitating processes, like catalysts, instead of doing projects and who are capable of betting for an emergent urbanism increasingly necessarily.

For a liquid education of architecture.

Since we have appeared before, the world of the blogs is making way for him and consolidating in this new liquid panorama. In fact, of them they are born several of the need of his authors to expand the physical classroom of his habitual classes up to a digital environment. We remember that in one of the first interviews that we did for the same blog, there in 2009, José Fariña was telling us that this one was the principal reason of the birth of the blog. A gentleman, with many accumulated youth, which has could be consolidated in this Age 2.0; therefore, unlike as they say many, it is not necessary to be native digital to be a day and to throw itself to the swimming pool.

Hereinafter great others, they would follow his steps betting for the expanded education and giving a bonus to his pupils that other many teachers refuse to grant some of them? For putting two clear and forceful examples, we encourage you to that you have a look at the blog of Múltiples estrategias de arquitecturae by Santiago de Molina or at Párrafos de arquitectura by Miguel Ángel Díaz Camacho.

Of all forms, this new way of understanding the education does not depend only on his adjustment to the network; actually, the possibilities are almost infinite. Us the project comes to the head end of Career from one from the boys of Zuloark, in which the final result does not depend so much of the concrete knowledge of his author, but of his aptitude to tie other companions to work together.

In a world where the synergies are going to be increasingly necessary, us a brilliant PFC takes a fancy.

What sense it can have that one continues being one year being employed only at a project that little you can qualify for a world for which the solitary work every time is going to be less valued. Are needed professionals who should can be employed at equipment; the rest, they are relics of the past.

El arquitecto líquido
The liquid architect

In turn, several schools bet for giving sufficient weapon to his pupils to be unrolled in the real world and do not worry about teaching him to be “only” an architect. We know of good ink the great labor that Javier Álvarez and Carlos Cámara are doing in the School of architecture of Saragossa or that in a school like the URJC there are giving him subjects of marketing or communication inside the obligatory agenda, it looks like to us a good example to continuing.

Also, it does not do very much, we were finding out about the birth of a new degree of design that hangs directly of the faculty of architecture of the University of Navarre. The degree, besides his interest to understand this world of the design from a wide and transverse look, stands out for not having subjects as such and being focused three years on the project work. Actually it is a question, in certain form, of take to him to the end this way of working so of a school of architecture and that now they are carrying out in many colleges of the whole world that they adapt for example to the system of the multiple intelligences. Especially this already Blanca Espigares was speaking to us some time ago in the blog of Foundation Arquia.

Largely it is a question of thinking about positive and searching, of a form or other one the abundance. If we centre on the shortage, we attract to our life misery; if we centre on giving and offering the others our talent, we will bring abundance. Curiously, there is nothing more selfish that to be generous; the more capable of sharing of disinterested form let’s be, the better it us will go. The life, sooner or later, tends to put everything in his site.

And we are going to be cutting the roll since this post was born with the intention of being a thought loudly of these liquid and bubbly topics and, little by little, we are becoming very serious. They are complicated well times, and to deny the evidence it is not very sensible, but well it is worth a sorrow fighting, in the measure of our possibilities, for a better future.

So, returning to Bauman, it is good to remember that:

“There are no solid reasons to be an optimist. Pero Dios frees of losing the hope”.

Stepienybarno_Agnieszka Stepien and Lorenzo Barnó, architects
Estella, January 2017


1 Extract of interview to Zygmunt Bauman in

2 Methodology read or how to do our more efficient projects. By Vânia Magalhães.

3 Digital economy. Néstor Guerra in

4 Extract of The Seven Spiritual Laws of the Success. For Deepak Chopra in

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