32 pilot apartaments and day center | Yago Lenguas Bugallal+Iago Lopez Álvarez

The building answers to a pioneering initiative of the Autonomous government of Galicia of Galicia to combine residential and welfare uses in a complex only one: a Center by day with garden in the ground floor and 32 housings in regime of rent for young and major.

During the draft of the project there came into force the ” Procedure of the Galician Habitat “, which introduced dimensional standards superior to those of the previous decree of habitability, of 1992, as well as the obligation to incorporate a community place in the building, a system of withdrawal and treatment of gray and rain waters for his later reutilization in the building and other measures that posterioremente were eliminated.

It is a question of the only building of housings of public protection in Galicia that it includes a welfare equipment and fulfills the high standards of the above mentioned regulation of habitability.

The urban development municipal regulation, which was forcing to that demolished bodies – indispensable to manage to fit the program – were totally glazed also influenced decisively the design. The conventional gallery is reinterpreted, avoiding the image typical of big vertical volumes of glass, distinguishing every unit by means of the retranqueo of the edges of forged, and the chromatic vibration that provides the combination of estores with three colors and two degrees of transparency, opaque in bedrooms and translucent in the rooms.

The existence of a servitude of step that was forcing to project an exit for the parking of the Police, to which one accedes from the interior of the court of apple, supposed an additional restriction of design, which determined the project of the underground parking lot, the position of the ramp and the topography of the garden.

To minimize the surface of traffic in the plants of housing and to obtain the most wide, free and fluid possible ground floor, the building is solved by the only core of vertical communication placed in the front north and illuminated by a closing of translucent polycarbonate.

There are unified the criteria of design of all the housings, of 1 and 2 bedrooms. In both cases, the front is liberated, giving place to conference crossed between stays and to a major sensation of extent.

A hollow only one of generous dimensions, now delayed – large window-, now distinction – gallery-, solves all the requirements. Every housing possesses, at least, a hollow of every type.

To achieve an energetic ideal behavior, there is chosen a constructive system of front that allows the surrounding thermal constant one. The plates of expanded polystyrene are placed on the outside, taking advantage to the maximum of the thermal inertia of the factory of brick, and re-dress in a special mortar armed with glass fiber and provided with a priming that improves his behavior and permanence.

There are exploited to the maximum the possibilities of the new elements raised by the regulation of in force habitability in that moment; this way, the courts tendal exclusive are simultaneously interior lanterns of translucent polycarbonate that dignify the common zones and allow the crossed ventilation of the housings.

The design of the Center looks after itself specially by day to achieve that it is lived as an equipment by own entity and not as a simple low paymaster for a function. The front is formalized as a basement of slate by big large windows, which it confirms with the white fronts of the housings.

The distribution, in which the principal pieces – gymnasium and polyvalent room – are assistants of a front to other one, promotes the visual long billiard cues and the transparency street – garden. All the stays enjoy natural light. To the being a deep plant, a jump is provoked between both structures – cover of the Center by day and firstly forged of housings – that the intermediate zone allows to illuminate.

To manage to increase the relation between the residential program and the welfare one projects a wide covered vestibule that allows the access to the Center by day, to the portal of the housings and to the polyvalent room.

The exact PEM, 57.000 € in housings of 2 bedrooms and 46.000 € in those of 1 bedroom – included proportional part of common zones, garages and lumber rooms-, he meditates, for exigency of the Autonomous government of Galicia, a few levels of comfort – heating for radiant soil and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery – that they overcome widely the regulation of habitability.

The Center by day, in spite of 280.000 possess a PEM of only €, includes in addition in his program the ajardinamiento of the court, an industrial kitchen, an installation of air conditioning and elements of tabiquería mobile to allow a flexible use of the space.

From the first lines of the project the maximum pretension was it of obtaining an architectural solution of quality that was guaranteeing worthy housings of low cost, putting the accent in attainable luxuries as the natural light and the space. The work, in spite of be projecting in a few very exact period, executed without need to resort to a modified project that supposed an increase of budget.

Work: 32 pilot apartaments and day center

Authors: Yago Lenguas Bugallal, Iago López Álvarez

Collaborators: Leyre Vitoria Rubio, Bárbara Pregnolato

Promoter: Instituto Galego de Vivenda e Solo. Xunta de Galicia

Builder: Radio Record Montajes SL

P.E.M.: 1869530,68

Year: 2008-2011

Location: Allariz, Orense, Galicia, Spain

Photography: Óscar Companioni

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+ yagolenguas.com

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