Emptiness, subtraction and silence. n’UNDO Conferences. Call for participants

Vacío, sustracción y silencio. Jornadas n’UNDO. Llamada a participantes
Emptiness, subtraction and silence. n’UNDO Conferences. Call for participants

Emptiness, subtraction and silence. n’UNDO conference of critique, reflection and knowledge.

Under the Empty title, Subtraction and Silence. Subtraction and Resignation in the creative process, a meeting character considers to interdiscipline, as a common place of exchange, critique, and knowledge. The Subtraction and the Resignation like matter of processes, investigations, interventions and works allow the reflection from different areas and disciplines.

The days, which will take place in Casa Encendida (Madrid) during the 16th and 17th of November, 2016, have as end create a place of meeting I half-close to the emptiness, the subtraction and the silence, with special attention to the importance that the subtraction and the resignation have in the creative process of any discipline.

The content of the days will develop in different formats: presentations, debates, tables of reflection, workshops, musical interpretation, exhibition of works and projects and oral exhibition of communications.

For it it has been summoned as referees for a group of persons whose path and projects have special relevancy in the subject matter. In addition, a call is opened for communications and projects, where it is summoned for all those persons or institutions which worries, works, projects, works or writings are related to the topic.

These days arise from n’UNDO‘s worry in the development of his theoretical base and are possible thanks to the generosity of the referees, as well as to the disposition on the part of sponsors and collaborators.

All the information brings over of the project is available in his web.

Launch of the call for communications and projects.

In order to extend the circle of the reflection the participation is summoned by means of a sending of communications for all those persons, institutions, groups or groups that want to share his knowledge, reflections, projects or worries in relation to the topic: Emptiness, subtraction and silence. Subtraction and Resignation in the creative process. The approximation can be from any discipline. There will be valued specially the reference to intellectual, creative processes and proyectuales as well as to his derivative actions.

The process of receipt of communications and projects will be opened until 23:59 of April 17, 2016, moment for which they will happen to be valued by the scientific committee for his acceptance. All the information relative to the sending and the bases can be consulted here.

The communications validated by the scientific committee will give the opportunity to the authors to publish an article about the topic in a digital and physical publication or to expose the work or presented project. Eight of the communications will be exposed of oral form during the days and communications will be selected for his participation inside the tables of reflection.

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