Architecture and Industry Seminar: New Materials | Interior Space

The Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad will on Thursday the 29th and Friday the 30th of October 2015 be holding the Architecture and Industry: New Materials and Interior Space seminar  in  Barcelona.  Under  the  direction  of  the  architects  Félix  Arranz  and  Ramón Sanabria, six architects from Spain and abroad, and the companies Knauf (Germany) and Alusion (Canada), will together explore the relationship between industry and architecture
with interiors and new materials as guiding thread.

It  is  the  Foundation’s  third  seminar  taking  this  formula,  and  the  second  to  be  held  in Barcelona,  thanks  to  the  generous  collaboration  of  AxA  and  the  COAC.  Last  year’s symposium was a success and our hope is that this one will be too. This time, the first session (Thursday) will center on new materials. Well-known materials like aluminum will be analyzed in relation to what they can offer in exterior spaces thanks to innovative treatments, as well as others like asphalt, a material up to now associated mainly with public works but which through R+D now offers a gamut of new uses, with attractive and practical solutions. The second session (Friday) will be devoted to interior space,  delving  into  the  diverse  options  presented  by  panels  of  laminated  plaster  when installed in interiors, solving the well-known difficulties of separating spaces.

The  seminar  will  present  us  with  exemplary  architectural  works  through  conferences delivered by their authors, and establish the bases that will enable participants to go about delving into each theme. With its seminars the Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad aspires to seal rapport between architecture, industry, and society. For this it has the support of renowned architects and leading companies involved in research in the fields addressed in the sessions.

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