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Coyote. Joseph Beuys
Coyote. Joseph Beuys

The most valuable quality of any action propositiva is to have a measured approach and an elegant intention with which to affect emotionally. To manage to wake up associations that stimulate the thought. To be capable of understanding the solution of a guessed right and suitable way. To distinguish profitable resources and to find the keys that explain the ideal solution from an exercised sense of the opportunity.

Being able to detect and make cost the opportunity, this condition with which to find an opening to an exceptional favorable solution, emparenta always with a particular pragmatic attitude. With a creative and strategic impulse that takes the invention as an essential vehicle, utilization and application of new truths and that supports as purpose the ensalzamiento of the useful thing to obtain the success.

The pragmatic method moves away with premeditation from the scientist. It is preferably experimental and is opposed to only rationally. It is an individualistic cigar, and distance meaningfully of the understood thing like social or collective. It is spontaneous and avoids an excessive planning.

Practising the opportunism of the convenience, that is to say, taking instantaneous advantages on the eventual propitious circumstances, any reality stops being scientific, irrefutable and the only, to happen to be a creation opened and circumstantial of the one that practises a particular form of subjective idealism. Any object surrenders then to the intangible human factor, proving to be removed from the world only materially.

From his practical dimension, this incisive utilization of the opportunity manages to be a method applied to the creative intelligence, anti intelectualista and empathic, that it evolves thanks to the determined suppression of dogmas or doctrines. One to act profitably, in time and form, which renews and reinterprets the preconceived truths by means of the constant adjustment of the beliefs from an attentive application of the individual experiences.

Practising a confrontation, a critical constant and a flexibility of agreements that comes to escenificarse by means of the dynamic definitoria of the conversation, of the availability of coming to the truth across the particular experience on having been confirmed systematicly with them of the others. Opposite to the collective scientific objectivity one presents the individualistic pragmatic subjectivity.

Leaving, therefore, the search of the certainty and the integrity and re-positioning the labor of the architect inside a heterogeneous and unstable context in the one that can give him a fluid and adaptative creativity. With it, to know leaves consciously the theoretical thing and happens then to be, besides eminently critic, technical and methodological. Adapted at all time to the changeable conditions of the present. This individualistic and relative present that is translated in owing nothing neither to the past nor to any collective destination.

It is imposed to cultivate the qualities that come from the opportunity and to carry out them by means of a lucid exercise of innovation. When the utopism stopped meaning the unrealizable thing, happening to be all that that promoviese an imaginative reading to propose actions that were optimizing the world, imposed the pragmatism that there accepted like possibly everything what can mean the maximum benefit.

The value of an act is judged for his opportunity.

Sergio de Miguel, PhD architect
Madrid, april 2017
Published in educational Group and of investigation for the architecture Grupo 4! Of the ETSAM.

Sergio de Miguel García

Ph.D. Arquitectura, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, (ETSAM) 2016.
M.A. Arquitectura, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, (ETSAM) 1990.
Profesor en la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, (ETSAM) desde 1995.

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