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Of small we were visiting the house of my aunts often. It was closely together of ours, but while I was living in a modern floor they they were doing it in an ancient block that today still continues in foot.

Whenever it was entering his lounge his window was astonishing balconera.

There was something in her that was doing that the same space was different according to the hour or the month in which we were.

During the winter the shutters were beginning to try to minimize the heat losses across the jonquils of wood. When the spring was starting putting out the blind leaf of the shutter it was opened to discover a few translucent visillos who were hiding the street but who the Sun was managing to cross and to give warmth to the room. Between March and May the window was opened widely from in the morning. The Sun and the noises were coming almost up to the door and we could look out protected of the rail. But finally the summer was coming and his heat and then there was appearing the semidarkness, a soft shade created by the blind of slats of wood that one was throwing on the outside, was spilling for the rail of the balcony and only it was getting up in the nights in which it was traversing almost the breeze. The street was disappearing then again and with her the neighbors of face to those that already we would not return to see until September was coming and again the soft autumn light was warming the walls of his lounge and little by little the cycle was returning to begin.

Since the house did not have telefonillo the balcony either also it was the place for which to throw the keys to be able to open the door or for that simply to greet and to wish good days when we were going way of the college.

Today it seems that we have lost this relation with the climatology, the looks or the noises and close or open our windows without appearing to pay attention to what it goes on to ours around.

Nevertheless, it does little, during a visit to the historical hull of Cadiz I discovered with happiness that there the balconies and closings, with his gradients of relation with the exterior they were following in use.

Lourdes Bueno´s photography

The hull of Cadiz is very condensed by ancient housings of four and five plants, without elevator in many cases, which in his beginnings were familiar housings that with the passage of time turned into collective housings of high density. To have in these housings of an exit on the outside is the whole gift. The blind of slats, now of plastic, hides or allows to discover small interiors full of life, but also it protects the intimacy of the stretched clothes drying off in the balcony taking advantage of the air and protecting itself of the Sun.

A window or a balcony can be only a hollow in our front for which they enter the light and the air or can be a threshold in which many things happen between the exterior of the street and the interior of our home. On us it depends how we use it.

Lourdes Bueno, architect

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