Forums Esarq 2015. A matter of things. Maio

Conference of the Catalan office Maio in the ESARQ-UIC, Inside The cycle “Forums Esarq 2015: A matter of things”, with the conference “Not here, not now” Maio will approach his peculiar way of confronting the projects 4 recent projects in the Aula Magna ESARQ_UIC. 19h. Monday, On February 23, 2015.

“Not here, not now”, according to Maio the architecture goes beyond the material and the context, is nourished of ideas and concepts that exceed the contingencies of a place and a time specifics.

In his conference, Maio will be peeling across his projects the idea of that the architecture cannot be understood as an autonomous form, but it is a part of everything, of a more wide cultural and social and complex network. For Maio, to do architecture is to organize relations, to establish adaptable systems. Definitively, with the architecture one believes an order in order that the things happen.

Maio is a young study of architecture formed by Maria Charneco, Alfredo Lérida, Guillermo Lopez and Anna Puigjaner, who combines his professional activity with academic activities, of investigation and publishing. From 2011 Quaderns d’Arquitectura is at the expense of the magazine i Urbanisme of the Architects’ College of Catalonia and gives teaching in the ETSAB/ETSAV.

FORUMS ESARQ is an annual cycle of conferences that organizes the Technical Top School of Architecture of the Universitat Internacional of Catalonia (ESARQ-UIC) in which architects of prestige, national and international, will share his vision of the architecture and of the profession across his works. In this occasion, under the title of “A matter of things”, the director of the cycle, Jorge Vidal, proposes to think about the work of the architect in the urban context.

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