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In the headquarters of the COAC of Barcelona, there has publicized the failure of the juror of 2 ª edition of the European Prize of Intervention in the Architectural Heritage AADIPA. Act celebrated in the frame of the Biennial show II International of Intervention in the Architectural Heritage AADIPA, and in that there have publicized the names of 14 projects finalists and 5 winning works. The honourable Minister of Culture of the Autonomous government of Catalonia of Catalonia, Ferran Mascarell and the Dean of the Architects’ College of Catalonia, Mr Lluís Comerón have done delivery of the awards.

The international juror of the prize, which members have wanted to underline the quality of the works presented already the time the great diversity, character and scales of work in relation on having supported, having rehabilitated and to put in value the architectural European heritage, they considered to grant the maximum award in each of 4 categories of the contest in:

A) In the category of Intervention in the constructed heritage, the juror has decided to reward ex-aequo two works: Walls Stony Architects (Spain), for the project Public Library of the State of Ceuta, an intervention capable of putting in value the heritage, establishing a perfect conviviality with a public contemporary program, and for constructing a new place where the duality interior – exterior is kept in the time.

Biblioteca Pública del Estado de Ceuta, Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos (España)
Public Stony library of the State of Ceuta, Walls Architects (Spain)

And the study SAMI-architects. Inês Pilgrim’s scallop gives Forest. Michael Vieira (Portugal), for the project E/C house, work that establishes an intense dialog between different moments, which a former ruin Re-lives with materials that they evolve synchronously in the time and reactivates again the condition of place in relation to the landscape.

E/C house, SAMI-arquitectos. Inês Vieira da Silva. Miguel Vieira (Portugal)
E/C house, SAMI-arquitectos. Inês Vieira da Silva. Miguel Vieira (Portugal)

B) In the category of exterior Spaces, Isabel Aguirre Urcola and Celestino García Braña (Spain), for the project Intervention in the environment of Caaveiro’s monastery. Intervention that with an economy of resources obtains maximum integration with the site. It is a question of a resignation in favour of the local expressiveness. In a global world, this work represents a manifest in defense of the recovery of the identity, the memory and the nature.

Intervención en el entorno del monasterio de Caaveiro, Isabel Aguirre Urcola y Celestino García Braña (España)
Intervention in the environment of the monastery of Caaveiro, Isabel Aguirre Urcola and Celestino García Braña (Spain)

*Nevertheless, the juror has wanted to mention in a special way, in this category, the work of the Bridge in Labrit’s Bastion in Pamplona, Pereda Perez’s work architects and Ignacio Olite who with a similar attitude, completes the tour of the spaces concerning the wall of the city with great elegance and respect.

C) In the category of Planning, Ubistudio (Italy) for Masterplan for Monza’s city. An action in which the juror has valued his easy comprehension so much for the process of analysis, since for the offers to promote new uses and activities across the recognition of his own landscape, as well as his capacity of synthesis using a graphical precise representation and clarificadora.

Masterplan para la ciudad de Monza, Ubistudio (Italia)
Monza Masterplan, Ubistudio (Italy)

D) In the category of Spreading, Fernando Cobos (Spain) and Joâo Campos (Portugal), for the work Almeida / city Rodrigo – To fortificaçao gives Raia Central, a deserving work of the Prize for his innovative way of focusing the knowledge of the territorial and patrimonial systems of the fortifications of the Hispanic – Portuguese central ‘stripe’ and for the rich historical and cartographic documentation of the analysis compared between the cities of Almeida (Portugal) and City Rodrigo (Spain).

Almeida/Ciudad Rodrigo – A fortificaçao da Raia Central, Fernando Cobos (España) y Joâo Campos (Portugal)
Almeida/Ciudad Rodrigo – A fortificaçao da Raia Central, Fernando Cobos (Spain) and Joâo Campos (Portugal)

From April 24, closing of the period of inscription of the second edition of the Prize, the international juror formed by renowned experts in the area of the intervention in the Architectural Heritage, they have carried out the tasks of valuation of the works that in each of 4 categories they were competing for the prize. In the category To – intervention in the constructed heritage-, the architects Antón Capitel, Toni Gironés y Malgorzata Rozbicka have evaluated 117 projects. In the Category B – exterior spaces – the experts Joaquín Perez, Jose Luís Infanzón and Giuseppe Lonetti have analyzed 32 offers. For the category C – Planeamiento – the professionals Antoni Vilanova, Sonia Puente Landázuri and Cristopher Graz have valued 8 projects and for the category D – Divulgación – Raquel Lacuesta and Michael Ángel Troitiño have studied 27 works.

2 º Edition of the European Prize of Intervention in Architectural Heritage AADIPA, directed by Ramon Calonge, Oriole Cusidó, Marc Manzano, and Jordi Portal; architects members of the group AADIPA, it has possessed an international participation four times major that in his first summons. With a total of inscriptions that it reaches almost 200 projects and with the record of 25 different countries, the contest ratifies his stability and permanency and confirms his international character.

About the Prize

The European Prize of Intervention in the Architectural Heritage AADIPA arises from the conviction that in the current context, in which the architectural heritage besides a fundamental instrument of knowledge is considered to be a socio-economic resource of the first order for the sustainable development of the territories, turns out to be indispensable the spreading, distinction and recognition of the works and qualit projects that they contribute to the preservation of the collective memory.

In his first edition, celebrated in 2013, they presented 200 projects of equipments proceeding from 8 different countries and the winning projects were: in the category A/Ámsterdam’s New Rijksmuseum of Cross and Ortiz Arquitectos, in the Category B/the project Three Places to Oliana de Joaquín Perez Sanchez and Eve Girona Cabre, in the category C/the plan Special Urban development Plan of the Historical Set of Cadaqués (PEUCHC) of Antoni Vilanova and Susanna Moya, and finally, in the category of spreading the project Homo Faber, architecture preindustrial of Ademuz de Fernando’s Corner Fertile plaines Lopez – nares and Camilla Mileto. The winning ones, as in the present summons, received as award a reproduction framed of Francesc Català’s original photography Rock and the finalists, a supporting diploma. The rewarded works, the finalists and the presented ones form a part of the catalogue that edits every edition in order to document the contest.

The Prize directed all the experts implied in architects, historians interdiscipline chain of value of the heritage-, archeologists …-takes the will to be consolidated as catalyst and observatory of the new challenges that adds the globalization of the contemporary architecture, in the conservation and intervention of the constructed heritage.

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