Docuvídeo SIAC 1976 Santiago Compostela

Docuvideo of the International I Seminario of Contemporary Architecture, celebrated in 1976 in Santiago de Compostela.

International seminar of Architecture in Compost Her, directed by Aldo Rossi concerning the topic ” Project and historical city “. The importance of Rossi like builder and as theoretical of the neo-racionalist trend, the tendenza; the presence of other many European important architects, the massive abundance of inscriptions to the course, do of this first Seminar a fundamental milestone in the current stage, of the theory and architectural practice in Spain. For it, apart from facilitating a scheme of what has been the course, we have believed opportunely to yield the word to the own Rossi. The International I Seminario of Architecture in Compost Her, it took place from September 27 to October 9, 1976 with the generic topic. ” Generic project and historical city “. To this one intention, there have been celebrated a series of conferences, discussions and orientated works to analyze he. Problem of the historical center in relation to the periphery, and all this referred to the concrete case of Santiago. The direction of the Seminar has been assumed by the teacher Aldo Rossi whose projects and writings have reached in the last years a great diffusion between the cultural means tied to the problems of the architecture and the city.

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