How much house do we need? Thoreau, Le Corbusier and the sustainable cottage

¿Cuánta casa necesitamos Thoreau, Le Corbusier y la cabaña sostenible

The space we inhabit, reduced to a minimum, has been a source of fascination and experimentation throughout history. Henry David Thoreau lived in his forest hut in Walden Pond between 1845 and 1847. Le Corbusier built in 1952 for him and his wife the famous Cabanon of the Côte d’Azur. Inspired by these experiences, Urs Peter Flueckiger and his students at Texas Tech University built an economically sustainable ecological cabin in the Texan countryside.

The three projects share the idea of minimum space and its relationship with nature. This book analyzes the proposals of Thoreau, Le Corbusier and the Flueckiger team through texts, drawings and photographs, taking into account their parallels and similarities. And, as León Tolstói did in his story

How much land does a man need?,

Flueckiger finally asks himself in these pages:

how much house does a person need?

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