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The plot has trapezoidal form and a surface of 230.475 m ², is located in the north end of a row of other ten plots. It borders for the south on the contiguous plot, in the northern part and in the eastern part on a green space and in the western part on the Rúa Tomada, of rolled traffic. Low native of the area descends sensitively towards the west.

It is a question of a housing in row in a plot of limited dimensions. The disposition of spaces and uses raised in the project tries to give response to the particular conditions of orientation and topography of the plot as well as to his limited dimensions, which penalize the possible utilization of the exterior spaces.

La presencia de la edificación adosada en la orientación sur condiciona el soleamiento de los espacios vivideros y exteriores y sugieren una implantación singular en el terreno.

The housing establishes an essential relation with the plot, across the direct contact from the plants to level of the rolled and pedestrian access, saving the difference between both with the slope of the area. The building separates to a great extent of the soil, allowing on the one hand his major utilization and enjoyment for scattering and taking to the top floors the principal stays of the housing, with better conference and soleamiento.

One chooses to support punctually the volume built to liberate the maximum possible space to level of the area, obtaining a more usable zone for garage as well as for spaces of service under the constructed body.

The principal plant stays to level with the zone of maximum level of the plot and in her the zone distributes of diaphanous form by day that puts west out to a wide terrace with good orientation. The first plant shelters the zone by night, with the bedrooms and humid cores of service.

The front is projected thinking about a disposition of hollows that allows a good lighting of the interior spaces and formally they award an unitary image to the set of the housing. The materials, concrete and polycarbonate, they reinforce the game compositivo established between hollows and clumps as well as the relation between the volumes of the core of stairs and the cubic prism in which the housing develops, providing to the set of a strong presence.

Work: Guitián House

Authors: Villacé y Cominges (José Villacé and Martín de Cominges Carvallo)

Structure: Antonio Reboreda Martínez

Studio Collaborators: María del Carmen Pintos Pavón, Mónica Costas Armada, Alfonso Leyaristy Martínez de la Escalera, Ramón Ojea Martínez de la Escalera.

Quantity surveyor: Jordán Romero Sobral

Promotor: Pablo Guitián Iglesias

Builder: ATCON SL

Date: 2010 – 12

Location: Rúa Tomada n. 9, San Pelayo de Navia, Vigo, Galicia, Spain

Photographies: Villacé y Cominges

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