Brasilia: A great machine to live or a made Utopia of reality? [I] | Cristina García-Rosales

The beauty is imposed in the sensibility of the human being “

Oscar Niemeyer


The desire to plan an ideal city understood as area of life has is started in different moments of the history. Thinkers and architects have developed his aptitude to imagine, to feel and, later, to construct in the space, places capable of sheltering igalitarian and free companies, and that propitiate well-being to his inhabitants. The last phase, that of the construction, needs a political will and a strong economic investment, for what not always it has been possible.

“The human being lives poetically on the land”,

Hölderlin was writing.  This affection of one to live poetically has stimulated the design, both on the paper and on the area, of different ideal or Utopian cities, from the Greeks to the present day.

Juscelino Kubitschek, Building Brasilia

Brasilia is one of the most beautiful ideal cities constructed of the recent history, architectonically speaking, and one of that has made traverse more rivers of ink, from his foundation in 1960 after 41 months of work. Because, in spite of his imaginative, sober and eminently poetical architecture, in spite of the exquisite town planning realized by Lucio Costa following the terms of reference of “The Letter of Athens” and in spite of the socially igalitarian intention of the president Juscelino Kubitschek, the result has not been exactly like it was waited.

Brasilia has lights and shades, successes and failures, since it happens in all the cities. What is undoubted is that it is different to other and that it possesses a great formal beauty. Also it is true that has been very criticized, possibly for having generated too many expectations and because the postulates of the Modern Movement on which it got up, have turned out to be – according to the experience of life – enormously rigid.

On the other hand his “genius loci” or local spirit is perceived so much in his corners, spaces and public buildings – designed hotly by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer-, since in the imaginative voluptuousness of his immense parks, lakes and gardens. What does not prevent that one misses this inexplicable sensation that there have some cities that receive us and do us to get confused with them. Maybe, he needs a major time of filming – or of urban evolution – in order that the memory of his inhabitants is recorded between the fingerprints of his stones. It is necessary to bear in mind that still it has less than one century.


there exist other reasons that explain so much polemic on this city?

Cristina García-Rosales. Arquitecta

Madrid. March 2012

Brasilia: A great machine to live or a made Utopia of reality? [II] | Cristina García-Rosales

Soy arquitecta (1980). Mis proyectos son muy diversos. En 1995 fundo el grupo La Mujer Construye, en el que ocupo la Presidencia. 

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