The third Open House Madrid

The festival will be celebrated the weekend of September 30 and October 1, 2017, with the opening of more than 100 buildings and urban spaces. The last edition received more than 40.000 visitors.

Open House’s third edition Madrid receives some innovations as the Castilian opening of the emblematic buildings 81, the IE Paper Pavilion of the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban who obtained the prize Pritzker 2014 or the gallery deprived of art Espacio Solo by estudio Herreros.

The visits are kept to singular spaces of the last edition as the Gran Logia de España, the Institute of the Cultural Heritage “the Crown of Thorns” by Fernando Higueras, or Buenavista Palace that nowadays has 2 years of waiting-list for the visits.

The opening space is completed by a calendar of parallel activities related to the architecture and the urbanism, between them the Congress Open House that this year takes as title “The cities of the Future: of Rome to Mars” and it will possess illustrious guests like architects or scientists of the NASA.

3º Open House Madrid

Open House has appeared an advance of the third edition of the festival of architecture and city Madrid in the building Castilian 81, I project Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza‘s. The of Navarre architect will be recognized in this edition of the festival by a route that will cross part of his legacy in the city. Besides the mentioned building there will be able to be visited the White Towers, the turn of the M-30 and the office block in the avenue Pio XII..

Castellana 81 it is one of the Sáenz de Oiza’s most emblematic projects and recently it has been submitted to an ambitious rehabilitation that it has just finished, at the expense of Ruiz Barbarín Arquitectos-ARQUIMANIA. This one is one of the innovations that join to the building circuit of the festival this year, together with the Paper Pavilion, of the winning Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, or the Lucio Muñoz House by Fernando Fig trees.

In addition there are kept in the program singular spaces that possessed great success in previous editions as the Great Lodge of Spain, the Institute of the Cultural Heritage “the Crown of Thorns” of Fernando Higueras, or Buenavista Palace that nowadays has 2 years of waiting-list for the visits and that it will be possible see in occasion of the festival.

Also special visits are programmed to studies of interiorismo, architecture, artistic workshops, private housings and historical routes for the city.

The collaborators ARUP, Propamsa, Figueras, Idealista and ST Sociedad de Tasación will organize parallel activities and routes emphasized inside the festival.

The majority of spaces do not need previous inscription to accede to the visit. For those that need it, the previous inscriptions will be able to be realized in the web at the end of September.

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