A X-ray photography | Sergio de Miguel

Villa Mairea (1939) by Alvar Aalto

It falls in my hands an elaborated drawing of Juhani Pallasmaa.

On the plant of the villa Mairea (1939), of Alvar Aalto, superimpose  some lines of order. Ones trace.

It appears a X-ray.

The one who has been described like “the most beautiful plant of the world”1 shows  undressed of his secret. The geometric score of his harmonic figure remains wakefull.

And surprisingly, – it did not seem it -, everything fits.

No line stays to the arbitrament of the free and experienced manual outline of the architect. Every form, every perimeter obeys, somehow, a strict and tidy numerical script.

The part and everything they correspond as if about a phrase it was treating itself.

We cannot for less imagining the board of the architect with a paper, an origin, and a few first and simple lines. Squares, diagonals, quantities….

And above the plant, the form, the life of the house. The decisions.

The truth, I admit that the finding has left cold me. I prefer the desire to the belonging. The doubt to the certainty. The hunger to the satiety.

How many times it is enjoyed of looking with admiration what provokes the secret beauty. The undecipherable and inexplicable greatness of the things.

The villa Mairea, and together with her the most important pieces of our culture, they should not be showed by means of X-ray photographies.

He supposes an obscenity.

Sergio de Miguel, architect
Madrid, march 2010

Gabriel Ruíz Cabrero’s mythical class in the ETSAM.

Sergio de Miguel García

Ph.D. Arquitectura, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, (ETSAM) 2016.
M.A. Arquitectura, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, (ETSAM) 1990.
Profesor en la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, (ETSAM) desde 1995.

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