On 1 November 1755 an earthquake destroyed the city of Lisbon. Its impact was such that it displaced man from the center of creation. Its ruins legitimized Enlightened Despotism.

Lisbon today is trembling again, shaken by a tourist earthquake that transforms the city at cruising speed. Its impact displaces the inhabitant of the center of the city. What new absolutisms will find their alibi here?

As the right to the city collapses, drowned by the discourse of identity and the authentic, the city creaks announcing the collapse and the urgency of a new way of looking at us, of reacting to a transformation, this time predictable, that the despair of the Capitalism pretends inevitable.

“I am a citizen of the world, I do not want a return to nationalism, but if tomorrow we love only the one who is far away without being aware that we hate our neighbor because he is present, because he stinks because he makes noise because he bothers me and because he requires me , Unlike the one that is far away, from which I can get away, if tomorrow if we strive to prefer the one who is far to the detriment of the one who is near, we will destroy the city, that is, the right to the city.”

Paul Virilio – Politics of the Very Worst.

For some weeks it is published in opened to see and to unload our last documentary “Terramotourism” (with subtitles in spanish or in English) the project for that we begin to gather images it does more than 4 years in the city of Lisbon.

In the next weeks we will continue presenting the above mentioned documentary in different spaces of Portugal and Spain:

– On January 10 in Lisboa Vadía (Academia Cidadã) in Lisboa.
– On January 17 in Espaço GAIA, Alfama’s neighborhood (Lisboa)
– On January 22 in Espaço Contrabando, Oporto.
– On February 10 in the space of Associação Cultura no Muro, Parede (Cascáis).

In the next days we will announce new dates in peripheral localities of Lisbon and you change cities in Spain.

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