SW Architect’s version: Looking for employed at the Java de Hot´s office

(Look at the text in perspective of a point of escape)

After leaving the office of Lex, the scholar continues in his incessant search of work to the price that is. After an insane reflection, the scholar discovers that he has not a curriculum the sufficiently wide thing in order that they look at it, not at least to the eyes

Fruit of this decision, the scholar visits the office of Hot’s Java, where after a wait of 3 hours and an extra charges of 3000 credits, the powerful Kalatravis receives it in one of his horrifying offices.

SW Architect’s version Buscando trabajo en la oficina de Java de Hot

Chan, chan, chan, chan chachan, chan, chachan … to put here the musiquilla that we we all know)

Lexcursó, arquchitect and ilustrator
Barcelona, juny 2011

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