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Jean Prouvé y Charlotte Perriand | Fuente:
Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand | Source:

In the first glimpse something does not fit, but for against, the set radiates an attractive magnetism.

Jean Prouvé constructed together with Charlotte Perriand this prototype for the Lounge of Domestic Arts opposite to the Grand Palais of Paris. Time later it was dismantled, but still some images and schemes remain.

Designed for workers of the oil taken root in the Sahara. The Maison Saharienne of 1938, might be summarized as a great cover, which was covering two cabins, one to sleep and other one to live.

Jean Prouvé y Charlotte Perriand. Maison Saharienne, 1938
Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand. Maison Saharienne, 1938

The cover parasol seems to rest on a few slight props, but they are too frivolous to support some compression, beside appearing in angles, which certainly do not seem to answer to the gravity. It is what does not fit.

The sheet of the cover seems to describe a random, banal curve, but the certain thing is that it describes his deformed own one. Supported only on the central girders, the cover is darted up to reaching the balance that his own deformation establishes, so Prouvé introduces these lateral pilarillos like stabilizers, of tensile or fixings, which with the minimal possible effort are opposed to the wind, which wants to extract the sheet of the cover of his monotonous stability.

Jaimas tradicional del Sahara
Jaimas tradicional del Sahara

In the end, Prouvé and Perriand only reinterpreted the secret language of the form of the traditional jaimas of the Sahara.

Íñigo García Odiaga. architect
San Sebastián. february 2015

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