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Gabriele Basilico (Milan 1944) is a photographer of recognized international prestige rewarded as prize Astroc, Osella d’Oro, prize INU, etc. Formed as architect, his images resort frequently to the urban landscape as source of inspiration. The observation of the relations with the constructed environment occupies a fundamental place inside his visual production.

In this respect it is called a series of diptyches the attention elaborated in the eighties. The photographies that compose them are the result of a project of observation so systematicly as aesthetically. Basilico juxtaposes two images. On one hand an image of a chair, for other one the brands that this chair provokes in the body of the person who has sat down in her.

Contact 1984 | Antonio Bustamante | Fuente:
Contact 1984 | Source:

Both photographies that compose these diptyches take place of careful form by means of the utilization of a chamber of great format and lighting study. The brutal frontalidad of the low-angle shot with which the chairs photograph faced against the tenderness a feminine marked anatomy they turn out to be worrying.

Basilico reveals finely unforeseen effects of some designs. Designs probably not so innocent as they might seem.

Elías Cueto, architect
Santiago de Compostela, october 2011
Published in Nº 313 [sillas…]

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