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Elena Guim

Arquect, a new project of spreading of the architecture in the city, from a sustainable slope.

Arquect spreads the architectural culture between “non-architects” of any age and social profile, contributing to the reflection on the constructed environment and bringing the city over to his citizens of simple and pleasant form.

Arquect is a project stimulated by Elena Guim, arquitecta for the Technical Top School of Architecture of Barcelona, ETSAB (2001). As Arquitecta Senior in EMBA_ESTUDI MASSIP-BOSCH ARQUITECTES, Elena has been the director of the project Tower Diagonal ZeroZero, new corporate headquarters of Telefonica in Barcelona realized for the Consortium of the Duty-free zone of Barcelona. This ultramodern skyscraper is a milestone in the beginning of the Avda. Diagonal of Barcelona, and it is called to be a modal in the maritime skyline of the city.

Which has been your formation and your professional path before Arquect?

I studied Architecture in the ETSAB, Barcelona, obtaining the title of arquitecta in 2001. During my studies, I obtained a scholarship Erasmus in the KTH-Arkitektur of Stockholm. I realized a Postdegree in the Escola Sert of the qualified COAC: “From The project to the work” in 2003.

My professional experience began during the last years of career, since student I collaborated in diverse offices of architecture of Barcelona, for the most part realizing buildings of housings. Already like arquitecta, I continued collaborating in other offices of architecture, also in Barcelona, assuming more responsibilities on having been having more experience. I have taken part in private work and public work, from buildings of housings, hotels, offices and schools.

My last collaboration in an office of architecture was of 2006 until 2010, Estudi Massip-Bosch Arquitectes, she has been like a director of the project of the corporate headquarters of Telefonica in Barcelona known as Tower Diagonal Telefonica ZeroZero.

Once finished the work, I remained without work and after a few months I initiated my enterprising gait with Arquect.

Did you appear in some moment, present, past or future, to look for work abroad?

If that I have considered to look for work abroad. In 2010, on having remained without work and seeing the situation of crisis in Spain I shuffled this possibility but I praised myself for the emprendimiento of my project of spreading of the architecture for not architects in my natal city. I have received offers of work to move to Shanghai but in this moment I continued betting for Arquect.

Nowadays I do not reject to be employed abroad at a future in the short and medium term, since the expectations here continue being negligible and the lack of resources in education and culture so much to public level since privately they make very difficult the continuity of my project.

What did you lead to starting this project?

One of the principal reasons was the verification of the ignorance that the citizenship had of the paper of the architecture in our company. The architecture was related to the real-estate bubble and with the enrichment that some architects have obtained in the period of economic prosperity. At the same time I was not also feeling identified with the paper that the architect was exercising in the company, the architects you star and media they were removing enough of my architect’s concept and of why I studied this career.

Always I have believed that one values and respects that one that knows and because of it I believe that the spreading of the architecture is very important. Overcoat in the field of the education. The children are the citizens of the future and if they have knowledge and develop a critical spirit with regard to his constructed environment they will be able to decide with more tools the type of city and company in which they want to live.

Did you meet many difficulties in his putting in march?

In the process of definition of the project most that would speak difficulties about challenges. It was a process full of illusion, effort, witness, optimism and to believe in one itself since one speaks very much of emprendimiento from the political area but concrete helps are not received.

It has been a process full of learning because though I was kept in the field of the architecture, it was changing sector going on to the education and to the spreading. It has needed a constant learning in management, marqueting and communication, commercial relations, new technologies and is necessary to squeeze day after day many creativity. What calls to go out of our zone of comfort.

Are you satisfied with the reached aims?

Not to managerial level. Since I have mentioned previously, the lack of economic resources in areas as fundamental as it are the education and the culture it is affecting seriously the viability of the project. If at the personal level and professional because I have learned very much, taking decisions and looking for solutions.

Do you believe that the architects in Spain we should continue opening new routes of work to go out of the “most “traditional” cabin of projecting given the current situation of the construction in our country?

No doubt. The paper that an architect can exercise in our company is basic, for it the group of architects as “collective” must realize a serious analysis of the happened and raise solutions. But being honest and not throwing balls out. Till now, five years after the recognition of the “crisis” few structural changes I have seen in the official organisms.

I see the paper of the architect in our company as a solucionador of problems, an accompanist with capacity of advice, management and vision so much to public as private level.

What do you think of those that they have been going to work abroad?

They deserve very much theirs respect because they have taken one great decision, have looked for solutions to his professional and personal situation that here they have not found.

To particular level of the emigrants, I understand it perfectly. To level of country, I see it with worry because there is taking place an escape of people young and not so young who will spend long-term invoice to us. It is one of the consequences of the globalization, new rules of game exist, the labor market does not deal on borders.

Elena Guim · Arquect

May 2013

Interview realized by Ana Barreiro Blanco and Alberto Alonso Oro. Be grateful for Elena, both his help and his predisposition showed with this small space.

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