Escribenta house | Emilio Rodríguez Blanco

An emplacement, a place without clear references, a meadow in soft earring that goes down up to the river, a rural relatively distant core, no orientation with conference favoured.

The housing finds his arrangement and his scale across 5 courts that will be these nice places between the domestic thing and the meadow between the human thing and the natural thing.

The time in his ancient dimension of the step of the stations of the climatic variations, the gray, blue clean, sometimes menacing sky penetrates in the housing across big lucernarios turning it into the authentic local reference.

A wall perimetral of block of concrete covers the set as a small accession, of certain defensive, introverted character and at the same time the big lucernarios throw to the distant landscape to the non-existent sights to the conquest of the celestial vault.

The materials that construct the house are the same that have constructed the popular rural architectura, the sheds, the ships, the closings of the estates. Fungibles, of deep, changeable textures with the time, with the age waiting for the moss that colonizes them, the lichen, the Sun that burns them or the rain that blackens them.

Work: Escribenta House

Location: Lugar de Arderís, Oroso, A Coruña, España

Author: Emilio Rodríguez Blanco

Collaborators: Julio Ordax Rodríguez, Antón Pena Auge

Rigger: Jose Manuel Mirás

Construction: Celsa Ferreiro Farto

Promoter: Celsa Ferreiro Farto

Cost: 208.000 euros (p.e.m.)

Surface: 330.0 sqm

Year: 209-2013

Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages



Juana de Vega of Architecture Award 2014.

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