Stamp, ¿one fragile? Cutlery of Tomás Alonso | Luis Gil Pita

“Nomadic” cutlery set used on a lunch break, when travelling or during
a party or picnic.
Stailess Steel of 60 grms
Produced by italesse

The subversion of the fragile thing, to use and to never throw.

Notes on the cutlery Stamp byTomás Alonso.

There are these a few brief words that will not be at a height of the intensity of an exercise of design that the obviedad tries to subvert of anything already very natural …, the artificial action to use and throw. Tomás Alonso designed already a time ago a cutlery of three elements that was not not new at all, a simple game of-year-old alone holder – cuchara-cuchillo I use, as all the habitual disposable useful ones of plastic or wood, sim seizure did it thinking that this second action of to throw after to use was managing to produce, all this without losing the value of the frivolous and nomadic thing. Beyond this first intention what impresses us in this action transformadora is not the game of the own contradiction but the exposition of being able to alter the time of the things or for that the things are made. What was for already, and was ended, it is now for much more, for almost always. And this, almost always, it does that we accompany of this piece daily as a razor, as the cutlery of campaign, that of the doctors of MASH or that of the nomad in movement. It is not time to throw but yes to succumb and to follow way accompanied of only seemingly fragile.

STAMP.Tomás Alonso. Produced by italesse.

There is, somehow, in this design a feint to the rapid and enormous contemporaneousness, a compassionate attention on the inefficiency of using and throwing without thinking in relation to the care of the environment. A creative attitude that he thinks that adding a light material value to the design of the insignificant thing is preventing the object from spoiling at once, which is at the same time to prepare of the value of the environment that he does not need to absorb the waste of the own good.

STAMP.Tomás Alonso. Produced by italesse.

Of his construction – form, (greater) little, so it is obvious that in this type of designs vocacionados towards nomadic the rule is that the less better material. For against less material worse inflexibility and then there is no another way of obtaining matter where she is not, that grecando the surface, since one plates Pegasus, as a panel nervado of Citroën. Already it is, and as consequence of this constructive or structural logic of low intensity of the nervado it turns out that we can sew three elements in plane so that they fight as a family and can travel from the hand without separating, as overlapped in an automatic way.

STAMP.Tomás Alonso. Produced by italesse.

Finally, this to change and to alter the fragility and the sense of the time of the nomadic thing does that we could feel that, for the values previously expressed and his useful and visual wealth, we can use these cutlery beyond the room of rest of the doctors, of the office or of the nomadic elopement to come to the daily table or to the exceptional one of the holiday, thanks to the calmness of the thought and the reflection of what can be for today and what is forever.

Luis Gil Pita. architect

santiago de compostela. july 2014

Luis Gil Pita

Arquitecto por la ETSA de A Coruña en 1997, desde ese año colabora en el estudio de Manuel Gallego Jorreto hasta 1999. Becado de investigación en Holanda en 2000-1, con un estudio sobre lo fronterizo y liminar en arquitectura, por la Diputación de A Coruña, fue posteriormente Profesor invitado en el área de proyectos de la Facultad de Arquitectura de Guimaráes, Universidade do Minho, del 2001 hasta el 2007. Desde el inicio de su carrera ha publicado asíduamente artículos y ha participado como editor en diferentes publicaciones alrededor de la arquitectura.

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