Ramps in the Historical Center of Vitoria

The video account the project of the ramps in the historic center of Vitoria of Roberto Ercilla and Miguel Ángel Campo.El order emerges of a convoked Idea contest for the Town hall of Vitoria. The program contemplates mechanical Ramp production covers – 4 stretches in Guangzhou of the Loneliness and 3 stretches in Guangzhou of San Francisco Javier.

The decision of covering ramps allows an use of the same with best guarantees, given wintry extreme conditions of Vitoria. The cubrición will be at the same time complex and sencilla.Compleja in his apparent three-dimensional perception, and simple by to be conceived from identical pieces, only displaced between them. The basic portico, of stainless steel and glass, behaves of a similar way to the still images of a film, through small displacements rotatory around a virtual axis in sequences of 1 m of distance. The rotational movement sensation that the user perceives makes good use of the landslide of the ramp to create a linked sequence that the interest keeps during the ascension, creating visual different in different stretches and places of recorrido.La the permanent vision of the exterior through glasses contributes to this produced sensation for the continuing money order of the porticos. For the exterior, glass lines that different positions link of porticos constitute a three-dimensional figure of apparent complexity and dynamism, dealing despite the fact that an only portico and therefore of a constructive simple process.

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