Thought by Hand. The work of Flores & Prats

“In the homogeneous world in which the tools are weapon that serve only to cut for the healthy thing, instantaneously, the work of Flowers and Prats it is delayed and delays in an unarmed experience, in which the tool is formed in the hand, and the work in the hand and the tool, constant. His work seems to be opposed to any court, without dramatic qualities, in spite of the fact that the circumstances have sent it in general to the margins, to the lands of nobody and to the peripheries, or, to the places where the cut seems to be unavoidable, irremediably. His work seems to affirm that only tying and untying the experience grows, that is to say, the real thing. To make and to use: a thing transforms other one, and vice versa”.

Juan José Lahuerta

It is a monograph that gathers our works throughout 15 years of the study, but especially it is a book that treats of how one is employed at the study.

In order that this could be explained well in the book, we have collaborated directly with Arquine in the page lay-out and edition of the material, and we like the result much.

It contains Juan Jose Lahuerta’s critical text, and contributions of Miquel Adrià, Manuel of Solà-mulberry trees, Adrià Goula, Soraya Smithson, Toni Casares y Miralda.

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