Necrotectónicas. Architects’ deaths

The love for the architecture makes many people venerate his authors, want to know more of his lives and, sigh, of his deaths. It seems as if this way we were capable of understanding them better and of valuing more his works, which are, definitively, the only ones that matter. These deaths of the biggest architects them go down the unattainable pedestal, make them more human and join more theirs them.

On the other hand, when we read a statement on someone we are reading also somehow a statement on us themselves, and like that feel, of this involved way, a tuning in with the great architecture.

Let’s sense beforehand a literary game, a joke, a pastime that demonstrates from the first line up to the last one a flushed love for the architecture and the architects.

It is a collection of veinitrés statements on the deaths of twenty-three illustrious architects:

1.- Caín

2.- Dédalo

3.- Hiram-Abib

4.- Apolodoro de Damasco

5.- Michelangelo Buonarroti

6.- Sinan Ibn Adülmennan

7.- Francesco Borromini

8.- Claude-Nicolas Ledoux

9.- Frederick Law Olmsted

10.- Antonio Sant’Elia

11.- Louis Henri Sullivan

12.- Antoni Gaudí i Cornet

13.- Charles Rennie Mackintosh

14.- José Manuel Aizpúrua y Azqueta

15.- Josep Torres Clavé

16.- Giuseppe Terragni

17.- Lilly Reich

18.- Ivan Ilich Leonidov

19.- Le Corbusier

20.- Louis I. Kahn

21.- Carlo Scarpa

22.- Albert Speer

23.- Enric Miralles

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