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Continuation of Unpublished Madrid (I) 

Cine Barcelo. Vista del entresuelo
Barcelo Cinema. Sight of he mezzanine | Photography: Luis Lledó

We continue the tour for the Barceló Cinema, opposite the Barceló Market, restored lately and, therefore, much more modern.

The Barceló Cinema is in the Barceló street, doing forms a corner with Larra, and it was constructed, opposite to the gardens of the Hospice of Madrid as cinema of neighborhood. The architect was Luis Gutiérrez Soto.

It is of racionalist style – art decó. His front is structured in striping and horizontal hollows of aerodynamic aspect.

The lot possesses plant in the shape of trapeze and his principal access is in the axis. The distribution of the interior achieved a mention in one of the most important Neufert´s books:

“The art of projecting in architecture”.

In the entry they find two principal cores of stairs that give step to the foyer.

Cine Barcelo. Vista del vestibulo
Barcelo Cinema. Sight of foyer

It is inaugurated in 1931 and in 1974 the last movie is projected.

In the year 1980 Pasha turns into a room of holidays of the chain of discotheques, withdrawing the classic cartel of cinema from him.

In 2013, for differences in the management between the owner of the signature Pasha and the owner of the building, breaks the relation between both and happens to be call again A Barceló Theatre.

The cinema was possessing an appraisal of 1.210 localities, and in his terrace of cinema outdoors, was very popular during the summer nights, which one was announcing as the Great Barceló Terrace.

Of the Barceló Theatre let’s go to Barceló’s Market, practically face.

Centro polivalente en Barceló
Polyvalent center in Barceló

Barceló Municipal Market was a market placed in n º 6 of the street Barceló. In 2014 it was demolished and was replaced with the Barceló Polyvalent Center.

The first supermarket in Spain established itself in this old man bought as a pilot experience realized in 1937, in full defense of Madrid.

Under the protection of the New Ordinance of Markets, one believes a sellers’ association that one entrusts on behalf of the Market. This way it was for years, though, little by little, it was aging and deteriorating.

In 2009 Grandson begins the remodeling of the bought old man, according to the winning project of the contest of ideas summoned by the Town hall of Madrid, work of the Enrique Sobejano and Fuensanta architects.

New Barceló market has 7.150 square meters distributed in three levels and a fourth plant, with independent access, destined to commercial use different from the market.

The cover of the building is a great square-viewing-point risen up to 13 meters of height and with 1.400 square meters of surface, to which one accedes by means of a core of independent communication and a long mechanical ramp. In her it is possible to play, play sports, sunbathe or appear to seeing the sights of urban landscape.

This covered street the form a high gallery of 18 meters of height.

GRA185 MADRID, 17/11/2014.- El escritor premio Nobel de Literatura y Príncipe de Asturias de las Letras, Mario Vargas Llosa, durante la inauguración de una biblioteca municipal que lleva su nombre en el entorno de la calle Barceló, que dará servicio a los barrios de Justicia, Universidad, Trafalgar y Almagro, cuenta con 126 puestos de lectura y consulta, 43 puestos de Internet, además de un fondo documental de 30.575 ejemplares, entre libros y audiovisuales, hoy en Madrid. EFE/Hugo Ortuño
GRA185 MADRID, 17/11/2014.-The writer I reward Nobel prize of Literature and Prince of Asturias of the Letters, Mario Vargas Llosa, during the inauguration of a municipal library that takes his name in the environment of the street Barceló, which will give service to the neighborhoods of Justice, University, Trafalgar and Colour with red ochre, it relies on 126 positions of reading and consultation, 43 Internet position, besides an information collection of 30.575 copies, between books and audio-visual, today in Madrid. EFE/Hugo Ortuño

The transparency is one of the signs of identity of the new market, covered by big cloths of glass that stop to see the interior positions and to contribute natural lighting.

Mario Vargas Llosa, reward Nobel prize of literature, already it has a library with his name forming a unit with the Polyvalent Center.

The library shares design with the previous complex and with the polysport one, consists of more than 24.000 copies.

It has three plants that shelter the infantile zone, bebeteca, more than 140 positions of reading and 40 with connection to Internet, besides video library and magazines.

The whole space is illuminated well by natural light, thanks to his walls of translucent crystal in which there have been inserted phrases of the Peruvian writer.

Centro polivalente en Barceló
Polyvalent center in Barceló

Vargas Llosa considers Madrid to be his house, a city to which it came in 1958 and that,

“has seen to transform in a metropolis that ignores the xenophobia, the chauvinism and that is not of anybody because it is of all”.

With this one they are already thirty one the municipal libraries that the capital has.

From there we will walk up to the Plaza of Colon, to see the Towers constructed in 1974…

To be continued in Unpublished Madrid (III)

Cristina García-Rosales, architect.
Madrid, august 2017.

Cristina García-Rosales

Soy arquitecta (1980). Mis proyectos son muy diversos. En 1995 fundo el grupo La Mujer Construye, en el que ocupo la Presidencia. 

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