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The project consists of the integral rehabilitation of an one-family housing placed in Madrid. The order it realizes a young family with 3 small children for what the reform had to give response to this familiar situation and be a practice for a life replete with movement. The above mentioned housing of 500m2, the first plant of bedrooms consists of a ground floor, where the common uses place, and a small garret with an office. Also it possesses a garden.

Intergolf, rehabilitación integral de vivienda unifamiliar mecanismo o1

The principal aim of the intervention is to generate functional, simple spaces and the utilization of the natural light. To achieve this, one proposes a diaphanous and tidy distribution, in that he takes advantage to the maximum of every space, so much in it plants like in volume. The employment of natural, traditional materials and atemporales as stone, wood and metal respecting his nature and his properties in the way of using them, but without resigning the investigation and the use of new technologies for his manipulation and installation characterizes to the project and to the own study. The utilization of a material in every constructive volumetry and the succession of materials whenever it interferes or modifies a geometry or volume, they define the concept and the functioning of the project at the same time as the diverse environments are generated and ended up by endowing to the housing of his unequivocal personality.

Of this form, we generate the only space in ground floor, with different environments of hall, lounges and dining room that they are surrounded, generated and freed, for a key piece placed in the center, that in addition, it gives service to these spaces. It is a question of a bubble of wood of oak in whose interior we find a cupboard for the receiver, a cupboard for the dining room and a singular warehouse with capacity for a thousand of bottles. In this plant also one finds the tablet of service with own access from the street, garage, bedroom of service, kitchen and zone of laundry.

In the first plant 4 bedrooms place with his 4 baths. The aim was to create wide and luminous rooms with very much space of storage. In this plant, it is necessary to emphasize 3 baths for 3 children formed by capsules of krion, a few membranes you continue within and externally. The constructive system and material used in these baths, allows to create a constant surface, with absence of meetings and curved conformation that favor the formal – functional integration, generating a space of attractive, clean and enterteining and totally personalized bath. Every child has a color that identifies him and gives him a special and different character.

The garret is separated from the rest of the house, by means of a system of muds that allows to change the privacy of the office placed in the latter plant depending on the needs and that makes possible the natural lighting of the distributor of the plant 1 as of the hall of the ground floor. The space you it preside at a central table of work designed also by mechanism, connected with a lamp of steel that allows the electrical connection of the own table.

The garden organizes a continuous metal planter that by forming triangulated planters surrounds the house and in the back, the meadow where the children’s playhouse is located.

As singular elements, highlight the piece of the winery, the bath capsules of children, the garden house and the furniture designed and manufactured to measure for this house.

Work: Intergolf, integral rehabilitation of one-family housing
Author: Mecanismo (Marta Urtasun and Pedro Rica)
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2014
Builded area: 470m2
Photography: Javier Bravo
Collaborators: Constructora Consaburum Toledana

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