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Akelarre is the result of more than forty years of development of an own identity. A refined mixture of the respect of the time and the preservation of the tradition with an obsession for the investigation and the innovation. Symbiosis is precisely this between the integration in the context and the innovation what they define the spirit of the Akelarre Hotel.

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Departing from this thought, we develop in one year meticulously process of design and construction of the hotel. The care for the selection of the materials, the furniture and the detailed execution, the project of the Hotel identifies specifically Akelarre Hotel; the material like link between concept, form and function. The employment of natural, traditional materials and atemporales; stone, wood, metal, and linen, respecting his nature and his properties in the way of using them, but without resigning the investigation and the use of new technologies for his manipulation and installation characterizes the project and to the own study. The utilization of a material in every constructive volumetry and the succession of materials whenever it interferes or modifies a geometry or volume, they define the concept and the functioning of the project at the same time as the diverse environments are generated and ended up by endowing to the hotel of his unequivocal personality.

The Hotel is to few kilometres of the center of San Sebastian, in the north hillside of the mount Igueldo, orientated to the Cantabrian sea and wrapping the former building in which there is located the famous restaurant of three stars Michelin.

Five buckets of stone emerge of the hillside of the mountain towards the sea sheltering in his interior the rooms. A total of 22 rooms, implanted in two levels, all of them orientated to the sea and functionally similar with independence of his dimension or his category.

Lightly re-sunk on the cover of the buckets, there appear six spaces of curvilinear contour. These terraces perforated in the stone, connect with the rest of the cover where they appear combining, different landscaped zones and spaces boarded of stay with precipitated conference to the horizon.

A branch completely wrapped in wood, passes longitudinally in every level, like space of traffic for the buckets connecting them between yes and with the rest of the spaces of common use of the hotel, wellness, dining room, warehouse and lounge. Each of these spaces is an independent scene connected to the set by means of the same formal and material language.

In this line, the dining room Oteiza is unrolled by a tone independent from the restaurant even supporting a coherence and seemed unequivocal with this one. The general extent of the space receives the visitor, and a lighting studied together with the panoramic large windows to the sea they set the space.

The lounge, also in tuning in with the whole architecture, gathers the sensations claimed with the warmth of the textures, lights and materials, but it is distinctively personalized by own designs of furniture. With direct access to the covers and with unmistakable conference that the position of the Hotel guarantees in the pronounced hillside of the mount.

To the same level, the warehouse concebida in two areas, as space of tryings and space of conservation and exhibition, divides with a great curled glass. The high table of tryings in stone leads the principal stay, and the disposition and lighting of the exhibitor highlights the presence of the bottles as the most important element of the warehouse of the restaurant.

The space wellness develops in two areas differentiated by a closing of curved glass. A humid zone with a surprising swimming pool of stone accompanied of the sauna and the Turkish bath; and another zone in which there are located three stony independent capsules, conceived by means of an innovative constructive system, where the treatments are realized. The hot access in which the niches are located entelados as space of stay and five cabins like wardrobes close to a small gymnasium, contextualizan a space that added to the panoramic sights of the zone of easing gives one heat and aesthetic unforgettable taste.

A project that gathers the essence of the innovation typical of the history of Akelarre contextualizada conceptual with the material dedication that defines our brand mechanism.

Work: Akelarre Hotel
Author: Mecanismo – Marta Urtasun and Pedro Rica
Location: Monte Igueldo, Donostia, San Sebastián, Spain
Year: 2017
Built-up area: 3.688,60 m2
Building company: Orizki
Structure: Mecanismo estructuras
Facilities: EOS ingeniería
Rigger: Elicabet González
Consulting glass front: Uxama
Project Manager: Mecanismo
Photography: Kike Palacio
+ mecanismo.org

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