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Sculpture of the Turkish artist Mehmet Ali Uysal shows a gigantic tweezer that pinches the grass. It was constructed for the Festival of Five Stations in Chaudfontaine’s Park, located by the suburbs of Liège, Belgium | Photography: mmarsupilami

To Mara Chao

It does little Elisa Valero compiled a glossary of terms related to the sustainable planning directed by the from Granada arquitecta and coordinated by the young architects of Estella (Navarre), Lorenzo Barnó y Agnieska Stepien. I took part with the term “affective sustainbility”. Now I have run up with another term, which has come towards me as if I had called him. It is based on the intelligent little talk of the eternal Mafalda. His title: “deshevelled architecture”. Mafalda, always accurate and disheveled, he says the following thing:


I go have learned that it is necessary to leave that the life you despeine. Because of it I have decided to enjoy major intensity. The world is mad. Definitively mad. The rich thing, he puts on weight. The pretty thing works out expensive. The Sun that illuminates your face, wrinkle. And the really good of this life, despeina.

To do the love, despeina. to laugh heartily, despeina. To travel, to fly, to run, to get into the sea, despeina. to take the clothes from you, despeina. To kiss the person that you love, despeina. To play, despeina. To sing until you remain without air, despeina. To dance until you doubt if it was a good idea to put on high heels this night, it leaves the unrecognizable hair you.

So, since always, whenever we meet I am going to be with the deshevelled hair. Nevertheless, do not have doubt that I will be happening for the present time happier from my life. It is a law of life: always there is going to be more deshevelled the woman who chooses to go in the first cart of the roller coaster, that the one that it chooses not to be raised. It can be that I feel tempted to be an impeccable, brushed woman and planchadita within and externally. The classified notice of this world demands good presence: Comb Yourself, put, extract you, buy you, run, slim, eat I recover, it walks derechita, become serious. And probably it should follow the instructions but cúando are they going to give me the order to be happy?

The only thing that really matters is that on having looked at the mirror, it sees the woman that I want to be.

Because of it my recommendation is: submit, eat richly, kiss, embrace, dance, fall in love, relax, travel, jump, go to bed late, get up early, run, fly, sing, become pretty, become comfortable, admire the landscape, enjoy, and especially, leave that the life you despeine!

The worse thing that can happen to you is that, smiling opposite to the mirror, you have to return to comb.

The deshevelled Architecture is that one that is done from the passion. Flex, with absence of formulae and with the normative minims. The technical codes of the building are an invention of the cold and rigid peoples of the North who – instead of time of doing the most sustainable or human constructions – put up the price of them. They are traps for the incautious ones. All of us, certainly.

The deshevelled architecture is playful, enterteining and beautiful. One amuses itself designing and constructing. Because it is riddled with ways, textures, colors, flavors and smells and uses in general materials and rare systems, disposable some. Unheard-of others. Also recyclable. Or from the land that kneads them and offers them free.

The deshevelled architecture not necessarily is done by architects. For his manufacture it fits the whole interested citizenship: firemen, tightrope walkers, tamers of lions (they are very needed), artists in general, singers, poets, cizallistas (that cizallan), operators of afoot, divers, salteadores of ways that they distribute between the neediest and the longest etc, including – clearly – the children and the grandparents.

The deshevelled architecture is awkward. With the way, with the persons, with the life. It is deshevelled, as we say, and mafaldiana.

The deshevelled architecture is free and igalitarian. For all and for all thought. Because she is generated by thoughts and ideas, concepts difficult to explain, but existing, I swear it. It is not speculative. It is not bland. He is not a mercantilist.

Not even grey is serious, not glamurosa not hyperluxurious. It is simple, beautiful, harmonious and ductile.

The deshevelled architecture goes out neither in the most expensive magazines nor in the Sunday luxurious ones, neither aerodynamic presentations nor desire needs Prizes Pritzer. And if it was gaining them, it would not be going to gather them. Neither necessarily visa, though it would surrender to doing it to give example to the profession.

The deshevelled architecture is transformable, it is possible to place on a tree, but also it stays well in the terraces of the Great Route so much Superiors as low.

The deshevelled architecture is done by the young persons of spirit, which infest for the network, which have a social commitment with others, the internauts, the urban artists, the landscape painters of the night. All those, definitively, that believe and love the ARCHITECTURE WITH CAPITAL LETTERS to the service of the company.

Cristina García-Rosales. architect

madrid. march 2012

Cristina García-Rosales

Soy arquitecta (1980). Mis proyectos son muy diversos. En 1995 fundo el grupo La Mujer Construye, en el que ocupo la Presidencia. 

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