Angels Castro and study of Salgado Liñares Reward Gómez Román of architecture

The architect Angels Castro Dapena and the Study of Salgado and Liñares are the rewarded of the Prizes Manuel Gómez Román that they have failed  this weekend. Besides, the Fellow Association do Castelo of Maceda concedes the Medal of Silver to Manuel Caamaño. In both cases, the jury’s decisions were unanimous.It expresses the jury, likewise, the technical and professional quality of the works presented to contest, standing out in the whole of the projects presented to contest the commitment to interact his developments with the culture arquirtectónica of the territory.

The architect Angels Castro Dapena, author of the project of the Centre of Environmental Education “Na eira gives Xoana. Ramil. To Golada”, is the winner of the edition of this year of the Prizes Manuel Gómez Román instituidos by the Association Setestrelo in the modality of Edificaciones Traditional Rehabilitated or Restored; whereas the prize in the modality of Construccións Adxectivas Rehabilitated ou Reconstruídas recayó in the Study of Salgado and Liñares pro the project and direction of acts it “urban Reintegration of the cultural heritage of the Ribeira do Fetter-Noia: Acondicionamento, recovery of accesses, lavadero and surroundings of the Molios of Pedrachán”.

The house will work like centre of environmental education and of exhibitions | Bernabé/Javier Lalín

In the first of the cases, the prize conceded to the architect Angels Castro Dapena, the jury considers that in the architectural result of his project confluyen “a perfect understanding of the construciones and to the surroundings vinculante, of unitary way with the result of the recovery of the authenticity and the traditional environment, without leaving already to re-create the capacity to cause a current experience identitaria”.

Surroundings of To Pedrachán on the Fetter | p. silva

In the case of the that awards  to the Study of Salgado and Liñares, the jury resalta that “the authors deepen in the essence of the place that once clear-cut and formulated the collected like idea vertebradora of the project and the direction of work, with result of a clear and rigorous restoration-rehabilitation of a place dehonda Galician tradition”.

Manuel Caamaño Suárez |

Likewise, the organs of government of the Fellow Association do Castelo of Maceda, Setestrelo, conceded this past weekend the Medal of Silver of the association to the professor of the Escola of Architecture, studious and professional, Manuel Caamaño Suárez. With an extensive and long list of winners in this field and others, Manuel Caamaño was technical architect of the Polytechnical School of Barcelona, exerted the teaching in the University School of Technical Architecture of A Coruña, and the same involved  in publishers like Galaxy of which went adviser that was member founder of the magazines Teima and Tempi Novos and of association Galician environmentalist ADEGA. In his case, the organ of direction and government of the Fellow Association do Castelo of Maceda awards him this distinction “by his contribution to create in the Country a favourable climate for the recovery of our traditional architectural values”. The Medal will be him imposed in the act of delivery of the Prizes Gómez Román, that will take place the Saturday, 16 of this month of October, to the 12:30 in the Castelo of Maceda.


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