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According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, a chair is aseat with support, in general with four legs, and in that alone a person fits. This academic definition can turn out to be very debatable from the point of view of the personal experience, and generates an interesting controversy: is it a chair the tape that wraps the knees and the back of this aborigen Ayoreo, re-designed by Alejandro Aravena for Vitra?

SiChair re-designed by Alejandro Aravena for Vitra

But leaving aside the definition itself, we will centre on the legs: as good it indicates the D.R.A.E., generally the object consists of four legs, though it turns out to be equally stable with three but, might chair be constructed by only two legs?

The response to this question attributes to itself officially Mart Stam, Dutch architect linked to the group ABC, teacher in the Bauhaus de Hans Meyer and founding partner of the CIAM, between other activities of a professional very out-standing biography.

Cantilever Chair officially assumes the first design of this type to Mart Stam |

The solution seems to be now simple: it consists of a tubular structure in projecting – cantilever – of steel it continues that it is sustained only in two legs, which turn on having come to the soil up to finding the imaginary points of support of the non-existent legs to guarantee the stability of the piece. With this only structure the support is solved also, though Stam projected a version in stool that the compejidad reduces to the minimum. An identical solution was used by Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer, between other pieces in the Nº313, which gives name to the blog and to the association that sustains it.

Xosé Suárez, architect
Santiago de Compostela, september 2012

Published in Nº 313 [sillas…]

Xosé Suárez

Arquitecto por la E.T.S.A.C. En el pasado he trabajado como barista, como dependiente en Adolfo Domínguez, he construido lámparas, mobiliario y otros objetos para la casa. Ahora estoy interesado en el diseño y construcción de mobiliario de madera y joyería para hombre. En paralelo, aprendo el oficio de silvicultor.

Tengo experiencia como profesor de dibujo técnico y programas de cad. También edito, cuando dispongo de tiempo libre, los siguientes blogs: #oxoguetedehoxeprefabricadonotirony y Nº313 [sillas…] Una guía para el fabricador de sillas.

a) Reivindicar el mueble como elemento con valor patrimonial colectivo, depositario de valores y testigo de la sociedad que lo concibe y/o usa.

b) Investigar y difundir el mueble único, singular, artesanal o de diseño; en particular la silla y los muebles y elementos complementarios relacionados con ella.

c) Promocionar y difundir los oficios y los profesionales comprometidos con el diseño, fabricación y conservación del mueble.

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