Secrets of the architecture. Course of interpretation of the architecture

Secrets of the architecture is a course that will gather along eight months to an exceptional group of professionals will analyse basic appearances of the architecture and the urbanismo, the history of the architecture and his print in the entramado social and economic, as well as his relation with the art, the didactic or the nature; the paisajismo, buildings and urbes famous from the architectural point of view, the space and his use, the relation between architecture and gender or his paper like mechanism of social reaction, etc.

Secrets of the architecture takes like starting point the publication of the book The secret history of the buildings of one of the most important architects of our country, Ricardo Aroca, the one who will offer the inaugural conference, to study how the architecture establishes connections with almost all the appearances that configure our world, like the art, the economy, the society or the politics. For this, this course of architecture coordinated by the architect Fermín White has achieved to gather to an exceptional group of architects of different generations like José Ramón Soraluce, Fernando Agrasar, Santiago Cirugeda, Manuel Galician Jorreto, Juan Creus, Covadonga Carrasco, Andrés Fernández Albalat, Arturo Franco Taboada or Felipe Crag, as well as professionals of other fields like the historian Ramón Yzquierdo Perrín, the photographer Nicolás Combarro or the director of cinema Peels of the Álamo, amongst other many.

The structure of this course turns around thirty sessions of 90 minutes of which eight divide  in two conferences of 45 minutes, that will include visits guided and talks on trips. The classes will take place all the Thursdays, except festive, to the 19:30. The price of the matrícula is of 100 euros, with a discount of 50% for unemployed and jubilados.

Date: 4 October 2012 – 30 May 2013

Participants: Fernando Agrasar, Pela del Álamo, Ana Amado, Antonio Amado, Ricardo Aroca, Rafael Barredo, Fernando Blanco, Manuel Borobio, Covadonga Carrasco, Santiago Cirugeda, Nicolás Combarro, Juan Creus, Díaz Pinés, Noemí Díaz, Pilar Díez, Andrés Fernández Albalat, Arturo Franco Taboada, Juan Freire, Ana Gallego, Elisa Gallego, Manolo Gallego, Luis Gil Pita, Antonio González Meijide, Xoán M. Mosquera, Álvaro Mallo, Marta Marcos, Patricia Muñiz, Cristina Nieto, Alberto Noguerol, Manuel Olveira, Luz Paz, Felipe Peña, Carlos Pita, Carlos Quintáns, Víctor Ramos, Joseph Selga, José R. Soraluce, Xulio Turnes, Ramón Viéitez, Ramón Yzquierdo

Coordination: Fermín Blanco

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