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There are different ways of finishing a university career. Some of them finish when the last hanging subject is approved. Some? They should be all, not? So not: In some moment it owed someone to of him happening that to throw to the buchaca the last pass was sufficient. Why? I do not know it, but the only motive that happens to me is that of the personal splendor, the celebration, the holiday, the happiness, to go out for the big door cheered by the teachers, to hold on the professors, to greet with the little hand, to ignite the strake of grand finale and pirarse. If it is not because of it, I do not see any sense.

One approves his last subject (that it does not even have as what being of the last course; there is some subject – tick that removes hanging – I do not say wherefrom – for years) and already. Already it is. Already it should be. So not. It is necessary to do a holiday to celebrate it. In agreement: As holiday I admit it. If it is to make myself a holiday seems likely; but for another thing not.

End career party

In many careers there is done a thesis (that is in the habit of calling “thesis” to distinguish it from the doctoral thesis) and in others (the technologies) a project to be done.

It is a project with which one demonstrates that already it knows. There belongs ” gun-sight, mom, without hands ” to the child in bicycle before his terrified mother. It is (it should be) a military walk, a parade, a passacaglia. (With band of music and everything).

It should be our PFC: A miramamásinmanos, an exhibition, a holiday, with our mothers (or in his case our tutors of the project) applauding and cheering.

The pupil, in this transcendent moment, would smile with legitimate pride, would greet the assistants and would go out to the exterior world armed with value and with confidence.

It does a battery of years the PFC it was coming to be it: step, management that was giving itself approved in advance, and whose incentive only one was to obtain some distinction: a distinction, a matriculation of honor … maybe the extraordinary prize … that was not obtained? Well, so one was conforming to his pass or his notable one and one was going home so calmly with his architect’s title (or supplementary order) under the arm.

But lately, for what they say to me, the PFC is a real drink, a slope arrives very hard, a test that laugh you at those of Indiana Jones.

I hold that every pupil who should present the complete PFC, with everything for what they have asked him, must be passed for definition and for legal imperative.

The tutor supervises the project, and if this one is incomplete, or someone of his parts has been done by laziness or hurriedly, then it must be required from him the pupil who completes it. But as soon as it has done it and the tutor gives it finished and presents it, what is more needed? Not by no means at all. Already it is, and only it is necessary to know if the pupil goes out of the square (of a blessed time) with ovation turned to the turn, ears or tail.

We are going to see: You Imagine the incredible history of the pupil who has approved Projects I, Projects the IInd, Projects the III.rd .. (how many are now?) and that receives of the Court of the PFC the hard critique of which it has not solved clearly, with the suitable hierarchy, the space of entry (for example). Then how it is that it approved Projects I, Projects the IInd, Projects the III.rd .. (and those who are)?

In this case, I believe that if the court of the PFC needs to astonish someone to feel gonadalmente strongly, to the only one that it must suspend it is to the tutor, and to expel him.

The pupil has been for months showing the sketches of the project to his tutor, receiving his corrections and modifying them. If the space of entry was not decisive well the tutor has had months say it to him.

Corrección a corrección los croquis se van perfeccionando, el proyecto va determinándose. La conclusión es (debe ser) un trabajo brillante. Y, si no es brillante, al menos será aseado y digno.

I refer, naturally, to the pupil who takes the PFC seriously and curra. Because if it is not like that, the tutor will not authorize him to present it.

I remember my Project End of Career, and it was a holiday only overcome by my doctoral thesis. A career in the one that always had gone overwhelmed, killed, was turning suddenly into a walk, into an exhibition. Of my tutor only I received spirits. It made me work duramente, but we all knew that it was the last rocket of the holiday, the cherry of the tart, and that everything was OK to finishing. This safety provides a great capacity of work and a high mulberry tree.

After so much work, ultimately the project is mature. If then the court says that it is bad, who they are calling uselessly is to the tutor who has cradled and incubated it. The tutor should be dismissed immediately, and his pupils indemnified for having lost a precious time with him.

On the other hand, in the PFC besides the global design of the building there is solved a part of the structure, of the facilities and of the constructive details. (Almost always they are only parts. The PFC proposes topics so ambitious that would give work to a study with many employees and collaborators). So well: there is no problem with the resolution of the structure, the plumbing, the heating, the air conditioning, the constructive details, etc Ever. Only they are with the design. Sigh, damned design.

I have thrown to me here the spawn of years and now me there come you with whom “the rational ambivalence of the environment exhibits a disposition veladamente relative”? Indeed? Is it to me? Are they speaking with me?

What happens, that after so many years realize now that we are too many architects and want to put the stopper? Now? Better than it they had done in first. Now it is already too much late and I have to go out of here, do they understand me?

The court must not be going to the PFC to be illuminated. Or the pupil is illuminated or here nobody is illuminated. Be left of his stupid and indecent opinions masturbatorias. (I call them masturbatorias because they are only mental straws, autopraises of the members of the court: “Look what I list I am; look how in five seconds I dismantle all this project. What more gives that this pupil goes months with him. It is the awkward one”).

Masters members of PFC’s court: Forget for a moment his egos, his importances, his obsessions, his you fight hospitalize and his zeals of protagonism and of being able. They have before you a few works of a few pupils who have overcome all the traps that have been putting on them during years, which have realized everything what was expected from them. Leave them alone of once. Give them his benedictions and wish luck them in his professional life. A lot of luck.

Tutors of PFC: Spirit. You are the only ones that you know this project that is questioning. Defend it before the court that has looked at it peevishly, hurriedly, with reluctance. Fight for your pupils. Gain you the faith that they have put in you and extract them forward. It is his life. They are neither goods, nor bait, nor slaves, not gilipollas. They are brave and very hard-working persons, since it demonstrates the fact that they have come hitherto. There are the very brilliant ones and they are very shy and dark. Attend to the above mentioned, please. Do not ask to the whole world to be brilliant and explosive. Only they want to be architects, nothing more. It help them to be. Already they deserve it. Already it is nice.

Pupils that you are doing the PFC or vais to beginning shortly: Very much spirit. Spirit and force. It is your last effort in the school. Already almost you have it. Concentrate you in it and enjoy. It is a holiday. Your great final holiday of career. And end it: it is necessary to go out of the school as soon as possible. Do not lose heart because they say to you that it was there is no work. Inside it is not either, and at least out it traverses the air.

José Ramón Hernández Correa · Doctor Architect

Toledo · september 2013

José Ramón Hernández Correa

Nací en 1960. Arquitecto por la ETSAM, 1985. Doctor Arquitecto por la Universidad Politécnica, 1992. Soy, en el buen sentido de la palabra, bueno. Ahora estoy algo cansado, pero sigo atento y curioso.

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