New Generations 2014: Futurology

The New GenerationsFestival 2014: Futurology, will take place in Florence (Palazzina Reale, Holy Maria Novella – Piazza Stazione forms a corner with route Valfonda) on the 28th, November 29 and 30, 2014. This time organized by ‘ Cultural New Generations Association ‘ together with the Architects’ Order of Florencia and the Architects’ Foundation of Florencia, they will contribute the results of an entire year of investigations developed by Itinerant Office, with the aim to analyze the impact of the crisis on the professional activity of the young architects in Europe.

The project is born from the format video – interview that has given life to a network based on collaborations and cultural exchanges between more than 50 offices of architecture of Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Romance countries, Spain, Tuquia, United Kingdom and that will continue growing during them nearly years towards new countries.

During these three days of festival, more than 60 guests will debate and they were generating reflections based on the topic of this year ‘Futurology’, centring on the future of the profession. The program is based on 3 principal fields: workshops, conferences, debates and round tables, and formats of experimental presentation as the  ‘Shared Lectures’, ‘Menage a trois’ and ‘Pecha Kucha night’.


(It is an activity dividad in 4 panels centred on multidisciplinary confrontations)
29-30 November, 2014 (11.30h – 18.30h) – opened participation

tutors: ndvr (be), Atelier Mob (pt), EstudioSIC (es)
guests: institutional, local administration, cultural associations, political and expert in public participation

(survive style 4 is an opened event divided in 4 groups the aim which it will be to analyze the architectural project des of the economic – sustainable point of view.)
On November 29-30, 2014 (11.30h – 18.30h) opened participation

moderators: Indira van’t Klooster (Editor in Chief A10) – Jason (L+CC)
guests: multidisciplinary

On November 29-30, 2014 (11.30h – 18.30h) opened participation

guest; 307 kilo (pl), Area (gr), Ateliermob (pt), Ines Bajardi (it), BC Architects and studies (be), BudCud (pl), Cityvision (it), Eagles of Architecture (be), fala atelier (pt), Matteo Ferroni (it), José Francisco García (es), Marco Lapugnani (it), Low Architects (be), Milk train (it), Openfabric (nl), Orizzontale (it), Peaks (fr), Q9Magazine (es), Space&Matter (nl), SPcitl (be/nl), Jean-Benoit Vétillard (fr), UNULAUNU (ro), ZUS (nl)

PECHAKUCHA : Futurology
On November 28, 2014 (20.30 – 23.00)

Guests’ order:Ateliermob (pt), Openfabric (nl), Aparicioeeraerts (be), Ciclostile Architettura (it), Appareil (es), UNULAUNU (ro), Peaks (fr), CENTRAL (be/nl), Space&Matter (nl), Marco Lampugnani (it), Studiod3r (de), Centrala (pl), Alessandro Console (it)

PECHAKUCHA : Techno Communications
On November 29, 2014(20.30h – 23.00)

Guests’ order: fala atelier (pt), Jean Benoit Vetillard (fr), Esperimenti Architettonici (it), Saskia Beer (nl), Wolfhouse Production (ro), [VIC] Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas (es), BC Architects and studies (be), Atelier Starzak Strebicki (pl)


(A new format of conference developed by New Generations in order to join two international offices that work independientement, for a public conference following the same topic)
On November 29, 2014 (19.00 – 20.30)

Protagonists: Gonzalo Del Val y Toni Gelabert

(a format concevido for bRijUNi Architects (is): 3 different guests, 3 disciplines, 1 topic. The first one that he invites has to be an architect inviting a non-architect and this way in forward)
30 November, 2014 (19.00-20.30)

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