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International Projectionist’s advertisement, January – December, 1950

Enough months ago I published in this blog an advertisement of Kodak in the one that was speaking himself on the architect and the cinema. Now I have found other one, this time on the art director and his cinematographic work, in a number of the magazine International Projectionist of the year 1950. The text is the following one:

“He gives form to what he will come…

HIS skill to see every script across the eye of the chamber … to paint with paintbrush and pencil the dramatic reflexes of the history … and, finally, to transform sketches into scenes of authentic merit.

He is the art director of the screen, simultaneously receptively and responsibly. Not only it must be sensitive to the environment of the history … bearing the personality of the star in mind fullly, besides… but also it has to be conscious always of the practical aspects of the cinematographic production, to be capable of being employed at narrow collaboration with dozens of trades with and without the study.

Over everything, the art director knows the importance of the faithful reproduction of the values that it creates … a mission that is very satisfied to see competentemente handled by the famous family of cinematographic movies Eastman.”

The truth is that the photography of what seems to be a western with an actor similar to Eli Wallach, does not reflect the complexity of the work that a cinematographic set designer must confront; as for the personage of the low drawing, sat in his board of drawing and with a cigarette in the left hand, he might be any designer or illustrator, except because it is drawing the scene that is in the photography, which does not make any sense, since it should be designing and then representing the sets that surround the prominent figures and not to these, though it seems that it has the script fixed in the board. Anyhow always it is interesting that announcements were published as this one, which informs and spreads the most important work of the art directors, designers of production or since the cinematographic set designers want autodenominarse.

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