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Hans Scharoun (1893-1972), the German architect known for Schminke (1932-1933) designed the Philharmonic one of Berlin (1956-1963) and the house in Löbau, constructed public inspector to the bases of the Funcionalismo. But his work was difficultly classifiable. On having finished the First World war, to which it enlisted as volunteer, interrupting his studies of Architecture, it was established as architect in Breslau’s city. There it developed his first projects and there organized several exhibitions, between them, the first exhibition of the group expressionist Die Brücke.

Documentary IMAGINARY ARCHITECTURE summarizes the life of the architect with chronologically selected examples: to the hope of the awakening of the first projects of the 20s it follows an obliged professional retreat during the National Socialism. It is at the time when it develops not few imaginary works in which it appreciates his longing for realizing collective symbols. Some years after the war it was when it obtained the recognition of his original architectural conception.

Trailer of the documentary on the architect Hans Scharoun, edited by the Foundation Architects’ Box.

The director of the documentary: Hartmut Bitomsky

Title: Imaginäre Architektur-der Baumeister Hans Scharoun (Germany, 1993-65 ‘)

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