End to 43 years of terror

ETA has announced this one on Thursday the end to 43 years of terrorism with 829 mortal victims. The band announced at seven o’clock in the afternoon across a communiqué, writing and on video, that it has spread in the digital editions of the diaries Gara and Berria, the ” definitive cessation of the armed activity ” without putting conditions. The communiqué read by three capped ones, limits itself to requesting ” a direct dialog ” with the Government to solve the ” consequences of the conflict “, this is, the prisoners’ situation and the ETA members that live in the stealthiness, and to overcome what calls ” the armed confrontation “. With this communiqué spread to an exact month of the choices of 20-N, it answers to the request that last Monday him six international personalities did in a conference in San Sebastian and on Tuesday the left Basque separatist.


Luis R. Aizpeolea

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