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Paul Scheerbart, Perpetuum mobile (1910)

The research of the myth of the continuous movement, represented with insistence through the secular design of the machine of the “perpetual mobile”, the machine that could realise work of uninterruptible form (perpetuum mobile) without need of energetic contribution of the outside, results so happy like conmovedora.

Numerous artifacts have been proposed along the history. All they really inventive. Free and blatant, do not renounce to his hypothetical character although the experience of the first law of the thermodynamics, the one of the conservation of the energy, and the second law of the thermodynamics, that of the irreversibility and the constant increase of the entropy, cancel them by defect.

But the human spirit feeds  of the utopia.

No in vain, the curious device of the drawing was not conceived by a scientist, but by a poet. By an efficient promoter of new fantastic horizons. Elocuente And seducer, was able to pinch the consciousnesses and star intellectually the latent beginning of the modern revolution.

His author was Paul Scheerbart, the ideologist of the German expressionism who in 1914 was writing The architecture of crystal. Bruno Taut and his contemporary ones, between which Gropius and Mies Van der Rohe stood out, saw in his verb much more than a dream. They saw a way. An opportunity.

As the “perpetual mobile” the “architecture of crystal”, in his literality, turns out to be physically impossible. But his load propositiva is besides fertile very enlightening. The spiritual and fascinating German expressionism scarcely survived the first world war, but his protagonists knew reconducirse with skill and intelligence across the “new objectivity” and, thereby, they planted one of the most fruitful seeds of the future of the architecture.

Luminous architectures of “crystal” populate the planet.

It is obvious that the machine of the constant movement cannot be made but to be time to realize that, actually, such a question turns out to be irrelevant. What matters is that our nature humanizes, his virtuous aptitude to create, allows us to dream in the impossible thing to invent the royal thing.

The brilliancy moves the world.

Sergio de Miguel, architect
Madrid, juny 2010

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